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"Avar kaaj tere kise na kaam mil sadh sangat bhaj keval namm"

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In this line bhagat kabir wants to say that:
go and just have a company of any spritual master, and just spend your whole life in chanting the name of god ,this is the real goal of ur life, do not waste the expencive time of your life in other matters, every thing is useless for u.

— bahagat kabir of (banaras)

"ranja ranja kardi ni main apee ranja hoi" "sadho ni mainu dhido ranja heer na akho koi"

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hazarat baba bulle shah wants to say that:
i himself has became like my teacher, with chanting the name of god told by my teacher, so now anybody please dont call me bulle shah , just call me with the name of my teacher, because now there is no difference between me an my teacher.

— hazarat baba bulle shah.

the names of belived spritual masters till now

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why the belived sptitual masters till now consider the name of their guru,s as god they say that god is guru and guru is god.

— after reading about different spritual masters ,now i am in a deep thinking.