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Devotees of the Lord made humility their ornament.

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Once Jesus while delivering sermons to his disciples said :
Who-so-ever shall humble himself as the little child,
the same is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. (Matt. 18 : 4)
Then Peter came to him and said :
Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him ?
Till seven times ?
Jesus said unto him :
I say not unto thee until seven times,
but until seventy times seven.(Matt. 18 : 22)

— -Jesus christ,

"Search for God inside the Body"

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The human body is the temple of God.
Within it one finds rubies and pearls,
If one utters the Lord’s Name by the Guru’s grace.
He further says:
That alone is said to be God’s temple, where from God is realised.
Realising the pervading soul to be everywhere,
Through the Guru’s instructions, one finds the Lord in the human body itself.
Search thou not ever the Lord without.
The Creater is within thy very home.
The egocentrics know not the worth of God’s temple and they lose their life.
The one Lord is pervading all and is attained

— -Guru Amar das ji, They are also known as "Nanak 3rd"

"All are born in a similar manner".

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All people are born out of the semen of
father and blood of mother;
All have similar skin and flesh.
The whole creation has sprung from one Light (Jyoti)
may they be Brahmins or Sudras.
He further says :
Firstly, God created Light and then by His
Omnipotence were all men made.
From God’s Light, the entire universe has sprung.
Then, whom shall we call good and whom bad ? (Kabir Prabhati 1349-1)

— -Kabir Sahib,

Caste of man is one handful of dust and two handful of ashes.

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"Guru Nanak Sahib"
What is the use of scrubbing the body ?
It is doomed to destruction.

Similarly, "Kabir Sahib"
Why do you take pride on this human body ?
Before our very eyes, it mingles unto dust.

"Jesus Christ" also,
Dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return. (Bible)

— -Guru nanak,
-Kabir sahib,
-jesus Christ.

True Dharma

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What is to be done, Oh Muslims,
for I do not know my own identity.
I am neither a Christian nor Jew,
neither a Zoreastrian nor Muslim,
The placeless is my place; the traceless is my trace;
I have neither body nor life, for, my soul has dissolved
in the very soul of the Beloved.
Had I spent a single breath in my life without Thee;
For that time and that moment I’d be eternally ashamed
of myself. He is the First, He is the Last;
He is the Manifest; He is the Hidden.
Save “Oh ! He is” and “Oh ! He who is.” Nothing else I know.

— Shamas-i-Tabriz,

Compassion, Economy, Humility

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Mahatama Lautse, the great Chinese Saint says, “I have three valuable possessions which I honour most, namely :-
1. Compassion;
2. Economy; and
3. Humility

— -Lautse,

Be Humble and Meek

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O man, if you want to realise God,
renounce thy Ego and be like a pebble lying on the road
which bears the kicks of everybody.
He again says that the pebble may strike and hurt the feet of the travellers,
so you should be like the dust of pathways.
But, still he thinks that the dust spoils the body and clothes of the passers-by.
Then he advises to be like the clean water.
But again he finds fault with the water also as it gets cold and hot
which may be unsuitable to people of different natures.
In the end, he advises us to annihilat

— -Kabir Sahib.


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Kabir, where there is Divine knowledge, there is righteousness.
Where there is untruth, there is sin.
Where there is greed, there is Kal (time)
Where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself.

— By: Kabir Sahib

The whole world is composed of dust

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Yea, the dust plays its role.
The whole world is composed of dust;
Dust is the horse, dust is the rider.
Dust chases dust, the whole rattling is of dust.
Dust destroys dust, all weapons are made of dust.
Dust abides in dust, dust is full of self-conceit.
Dust is the garden, dust are the flowers.
Dust comes to see the spring of dust.
Ultimately, dust returns to dust, the whole world
is the expansion of the dust.
O Bullah! he who understands this secret
does not entangle himself in the game of dust.

— BY: Hazart Baba Bulle Shah.

Divine Love and Shariat (Rites and Rituals)

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Partisans live in Dharamsalas, cheats in temples,
butchers reside in mosques;
while lovers (of the Lord) live apart.
He further says :
Bullah is neither Rafzi nor Sunni, nor learned
nor an intellectual nor a Jaini.
I have learnt the lesson of love of God alone.
People say : Bulleh is an Infidel (Kafar)
and an idol-worshipper.
But in the Lord’s court, both the Momin and Kafar
(Believer and un-believer) are treated alike.

— BY: Hazarat Baba Bulle Shah,