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Purity and celibacy

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'Purity or impurity depends upon the consciousness;in the
divine consciousness,everything is pure,in the ignorance,everything is subject to impurity,not the body only or part of the body,but mind and vital and all.Only the self and the psychic being remains always pure.

— sri Aurobindo

The big Fight

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In order to go safely through this jungle of life you must
equip yourself with the proper weapons.You have to be a well trained soldier.The layman who does not know to protect himself is soon killed. The wise man who is armed against all forms of warfare- against disease,against destiny and karma,against all evil thoughts and habits-becomes the victor in this adventure.It requires carefulness and,in addition,the adoption of certain methods by which we can overcome our enemies.

— Paramhansa Yogananda,man's eternal quest.

eyes to see

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Where the ordinary mind sees disaster and confusion,the mind of the philosopher sees the perfect sequence of cause and effect,and where the materialist sees nothing but endless death, the mystic sees pulsating and eternal life.

— James Allen.

Spiritual Experiences

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, Visions and experiences come and go.They are not in themselves the culminating point in the sadhana. He who attaches much importance to these small visions,does not march swiftly on the path. Therefore abandon the idea of these experiences.The final experience,intuitional and direct of the supreme alone is the true one.

— Swami Sivananda


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Those who are ensnared by the scriptures cannot be expected to know the value of human life.It takes millions of years,lives and stages to get a human body.But nobody knows how many invaluable lives have been nipped in the bud,how many innocent lives have been slaughtered at the altar of the scriptures.

— sri sri anandamurti