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What are the Main Essentials of Life?

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The salt of life is selfless service. The bread of life is universal love.
The water of life is purity. The sweetness of life is devotion. The
fragrance of life is generosity. The pivot of life is meditation. The goal
of life is Self-realisation. Therefore, serve, love, be pure and generous.
Meditate and realise.

— Swami Sivanandaji

Best Seva

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Service is the expression of love. Serve in whatever possible manner you
can. Ask yourself, 'How can I be useful to people around me, and to the whole world?' Then your heart will start blossoming and a completely new level begins...
The best seva is helping someone to understand the eternal nature of life

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Our Personality

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Our personality stands on three bases, namely body, mind & Atma. In order to make these three pure and bright, we have to adopt the process & practice of Karmayog, Gyanyog and Bhaktiyog. Accomplishment in life means to keep all our activities saturated with idealism. Body is purified by becoming a Karmayogi, mind is purified by becoming Gyanyogi & Atma is purified by becoming a Bhaktiyogi.