Which is great between Knowledge and devotion?

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Which is great between Knowledge and devotion?

A) Without Knowledge devotion is not generated. When Rukmini came to know all the details of Krishna (Knowledge) from Narada, the love on Krishna was generated. Since Krishna is God such love is called as devotion. Devotion leads to God according to Gita. The real proof of devotion is service. Rukmini attained the Lord through devotion and then served the Lord by pressing His feet as Maha Lakshmi. The knowledge should exist along as long the soul exists. Till you reach house, you must have the torch light. Even after reaching the house, the light should be there in the house. As the knowledge is lost, even devotees like Narada and Sudarsana have fallen by egoism. Knowledge without devotion is waste. Devotion without service is only cheating. Sankara told that knowledge and devotion are one and the same. In Gita the Lord gave highest place the both the knowledge and devotion, which means that both are one and the same.


— Shri Dattaswami