Which form of God should be worshipped?

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Which form of God should be worshipped?

A) Lord Krishna has given the essence of all the Vedas. In Gita He told that He is in the form of human being. In fact, He is in the human form only. In Gita everywhere Krishna asked to worship and serve Him only. Any human being can perfectly serve God in human form only. An offering can be really eaten by Krishna. Therefore, such service is only real. You cannot do real service to formless God or Statue. Only Krishna could preach and clear all the doubts. You can see the response of your service in the form of pleasantness in the face of Krishna. Here again the devotees slipped. Krishna told that He will come again and again. Therefore, the service to the present human incarnation is the perfect spiritual knowledge. If you take statue of Krishna, again the above defects are repeated.


— Shri Dattaswami