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" Thoughts are vibrations. Vibrations keep travelling
to touch the soul of eternity. Be a strong creative
vibration to make this world
a beautiful place to live in ".

— Savitri Aima

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I am trying to go through your quotes and try to analize each quote in my own way, May be I am wrong in my assessment, because since birth I am on my own............spritually.

There is no guru (However, I sincerly do not want any of these from this materialistic world) or spiritual person as like you already have, but i tried to answer on my own, if found wrong kindly correct me.

According to me thoughts can not be classified as vibrations, Thoughts are like waves (not from the sea etc.). Scientifically also bandwidth provide us wave length, like radio frequency, our sages also might have created some kind of wave length to have talked to person whom they wish to talk (Just like Mobiles U operate now a days).

According to me each human being possess some kind of wave length or so if it matches with your wave length, u find the other person like u, (just like your mother who knows what is on your mind before u speak), thats what thought have created a kind of wave length. Thought can be good or bad, it depends or vary from person to person, it is very descriptive but here short message can be posted

thanks for your comments.........replies,,,,,,,,,waiting for more,,,,,,,,,,

gapoo | Sat, 10/01/2011 - 08:56