Stop Pretending To Be The 'Chooser'

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If you're struggling to choose, if deciding feels like a chore, you're not seeing clearly right now. You are at war with the moment.

When you are clear, when 'not knowing' is a trusted ally, mystery a great friend, and the intelligence of life is allowed to work its sacred magic in that creative space of no answers, confusion melts, choices make themselves, and intelligent action happens effortlessly, without "you" being involved at all.
Simply stop pretending to be the 'chooser'...

— Jeff Foster

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Additional advice

I would add an additional crucial advise and a comment:

The advise: Not only should you surrender the urge to decide but also you should surrender the results. Be prepared for any outcome of your decision not to decide, of letting the intelligence of life to decide for you. Expect it to maybe lead you to places where you don't necessarily wish to be. For example, if your wish is "I want to have lots of money" and you decided to surrender the decision of "what should I do to have that lots of money", you must also give up the wish of having a lot of money. This means a total and complete surrender.

The comment: I would omit the neo-Advaita statement of "pretending to be the chooser". It has no value if you haven't realized it yet, it just harms the process by turning it into some indoctrinated hypothesis for those who have not experienced it as a fact. It has any value only if you know it in an experiential way and then it doesn't need to be said anyway.

happy | Mon, 06/24/2013 - 13:11