Service is the ultimate Aim

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Service is the ultimate Aim

Once you are settled in the practical service of the contemporary human incarnation of God, there is no need of anymore-theoretical devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and there is no need of any more analysis of subject (Jnana Yoga). The practical service (Karma Yoga) is the endless stage, in which, one has to continue for births and births till the end of creation.

This is the significance of endless life (Chiranjivi) of Hanuman, who fixed Himself in the service of human form of God. The knowledge (Jnana) and theoretical love (Bhakati) exist in the soul, as samskaras and the soul need not waste time again and again in these two. The short lives of Shankara and Meera indicate the brief periods of learning Jnana and getting Bhakti.

— Shri Dattaswami