Seeking is avoidance

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Inherent in the impulse to be free, is insecurity. The impulse to be free comes from outside the mind, and because of this, it makes the mind feel very insecure. Most spiritual seekers move away from this insecurity by seeking and striving for a distant spiritual goal. That's how they avoid feeling insecure. In an effort not to feel insecure, in an effort not to directly face the Unknown -which is where the impulse to be free originates - the ego create s a spiritual seeker as a means to avoid it.

— Adyashanti

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Namaste Phroggy, I think you

Namaste Phroggy,

I think you have misinterpreted Adayshanti's words. It is not "seeking" that is the problem, but the ego's creation of the "seeker The "seeking" is part and parcel of "the impulse to be free".


Ahimsananda | Sun, 07/18/2010 - 21:06