The reality of Atma Yoga

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The reality of Atma Yoga

The Advaitin preaches Atma Yoga to get rid of both happiness and misery. It is no profit and no loss business, which no fool does. Such Atma Yoga denies the existence of God other than self and this greatest sin generates the continuous punishment to be enjoyed by the soul. When the punishment is to be implemented, you cannot escape it by limiting yourself to a state of non-involvement. The powerful divine Maya will catch you and drag you out for giving the punishment. If the thief hides in underground without any involvement in the world, the police will search for him, catch him and impart the punishment on him. The final result of Atma Yoga is to become an inert stone but one cannot become even that stone if there is balance of sin and the sin is endless in this case.

Hence, there is no chance of becoming even a stone through Atma Yoga. However, if you are so fond becoming a stone, you have to worship the Lord who is the controller of yourself. Then, no sin is generated.

— Shri Dattaswami