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Realization is the stage of determination in the knowledge. The liberation is its practical consequence. The realization should be based on the right knowledge so that the liberation is really attained as the immediate consequence of the right knowledge. Suppose you are bound by a rope. Suppose you find a knife very near to you, which can be taken by your mouth and the rope can be cut. Such right knowledge gives you the liberation. The determination to use the knife leads to implementation and the fruit is liberation.

Suppose the knife has no sharpness. In such case the determination, implementation cannot give the result. Suppose the knife is just made of a piece of pad, then also no liberation is possible. Thus if the right knowledge is not intensive or if the knowledge is twisted and wrong no liberation is possible. Therefore the most important thing for liberation is not the realization only but it should be the right intensive knowledge given by the Satguru.

— Shri Dattaswami