Real Devotion Vs false Devotion to God

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Real Devotion Vs false Devotion to God

The devotion to Lord in the form of theoretical phase as well as practical phase should be done by making God as the final goal. Such devotion only is real and the real devotees are Hanuman and Gopikas who should be our guides in the spiritual effort. But very few human beings can attain such level and God says in Gita that one in millions only can attain such state. In such real spiritual path all the items except God become means only, whereas pleasing God is the final goal.

But majority of human beings is reverse to this real path. Most of the human beings make God as means to achieve their self-pleasure by crossing the difficulties in life. Even the devotees who worship the Lord for the upper world also belong to such path only because they are also making God as means to avoid the hell in the upper world. Crossing the difficulties and attainment of selfish pleasure is the only goal whether the place is earth or upper world.

Hence, for ordinary human beings it is almost impossible to attain such real devotion.

— Shri Dattaswami