People like easy path!

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People like easy path!

People want the grace of God by theoretical devotion like prostitutes or want the grace of God by investing some work or wealth like business people. The difficulties in self less service and in doing sacrifice of work and wealth without aspiring any fruit in return to the contemporary human incarnation lead the people to investigate a new comfortable God with a comfortable path. This new God is formless or a statue and the path is theoretical meditation or theoretical devotion with sacrifice of little work in leisure time or with sacrifice of little wealth to escape the tax problems.

The new path is tied with their own new conditions, which are possible to do with some difficulty so that they can also claim the path to be difficult. For example, cold-water bath in the early morning in the winter season is one such new condition, which is not possible to all the people. Some people could do this and satisfied the concept of the path to God being with difficulties. The actual path is with thorns and no body can go in it to God except in the case of their own children.

— Shri Dattaswami