Our Mistakes

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Our Mistakes

"God has given discrimination to human beings to refrain from committing any errors. We have to make use of it. The field is there and the seed is there also. Cultivate carefully and reap the fruit."

"A doctor prescribes for us a bodybuilding tonic. If we ignore his instruction and drink up the whole bottle at once, he is not responsible for our ruined health. In the same way God is not responsible for our mistakes."

"If we drive carelessly and meet with an accident, can we blame the gasoline? How can God be blamed for our carelessness?"


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my love to u and beyond!

eventough i endorse ur views.....

sometime we do it for universal love reasons like a missed lover man goes on drinking....


since i became universal mother and father by anahata meditations

i have to drink to teach my childrens the whole of pathanjali yoga and such spritual juices.....

what do u realise.....

ramakrishna's comment
my son by drinking brahmic bbliss u do not lose ur life...

a prayer

ilost blow hot blow cold

can i have it in true mother fashion a request to maa and also a bouquet of all spritual songs.....


with love

dhorai | Thu, 12/25/2008 - 16:51