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The only way out of ignorance is awareness (which includes looking at the facts).

— Swami Premodaya

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Getting Out of Ignorance

I was told by my ninth grade teacher who had observed me do something that I answered his "why did you do that" with "I don't know, I just did it" caused him to say "everything a cause and effect, I can see the effect now you tell me the cause." I can now answer "it was done for him to tell me that" since I had always sought causes but man usually didn't have the answers. Thus, it was not until I learned to, so to speak, listen to a voice in my head and reason it against the things seen that I was able to shed my ignorance.

I said that because my findings is first we must find the cause behind the effects before we are able to change them. Since my path began in Christianity I use the Bible as a reference where I find the Adam and Eve metaphor to be the same as the Buddha's experience leading him to enlightenment. The difference was the Buddha was raised in a man made environment while Adam and, I must suppose, Eve were in the self-reproducing environment but they both began to see the opposites of existence. The Buddha found enlightenment whereby Adam and Eve became ignorant.

Looking at Adam and Eve, Genesis 2, we see as soon as they observed the "knowledge" of opposites they began to judge them good and evil and immediately became ashamed. What caused the body covering shame had to be the fact that they were hairy (Daniel 4":33) like all other animals and Eve's ovulation caused his erection not to extend beyond his hairy foreskin and they did not know what to do. Thus their ignorance caused then to hide in shame from the approaching voice rather than asking it how to go about mating.

From that we can see judging causes ignorance and by seek purposes for things, both eternally and internally, ignorance will be eliminated.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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