One cannot attain union with God through ........

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If I may only please Him, 'tis pilgrimage enough;
If not, nothing-no rites or toils-avails;
Whichever way I look, I find that in His creation,
None has won salvation without His Grace-regardless of Karmas.(1)
You can discover untold Spiritual riches within yourself;
If you but abide by the teachings of your Master.(2)
My Master has taught me one lesson:
He is the Lord of everything, may I never forget Him.

— Guru Nanak

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Quote means:

Quote means:
One cannot attain union with God through the observance of certain outward actions, viz: reading of scriptures, saying of prayers, going on pilgrimages, observance of silence, fasts and vigils, performance of rites and rituals, all of which but form part of Apra Vidya which prepare the ground for creating interest for higher life and developing devotion. You may make the best use of them. But these outer acts cannot give emancipation. They are by themselves meaningless. What matters is His glance of Grace. If one has received this, one is blessed indeed. And yet, if Salvation depends on God's love alone, let us not live in idleness. A life of inertia can lead nowhere and God helps those who help themselves. No doubt Salvation is achieved only through Grace, yet one must make oneself worthy of the same. And the only way to make oneself worthy is by following the Path taught by a true Master. By becoming conscious of the Divine Plan, we make His Will our own.

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