The negligence His of Mother by Jesus

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The negligence His of Mother by Jesus

Jesus neglected His mother through out His life. When a devotee stated that His mother is really blessed soul, He denied it and told that the servants of God are really blessed. Once, He refused to see His mother, who was waiting for Him since He was busy with His devotees. Jesus was stating that one should cut all the family bonds including life to become His dearest disciple. Shankara, who left His mother for the sake of God; Buddha, who left His wife and son for the sake of God; Ramanuja, who left His wife even for the sake of devotees; Radha and Meera, who left their husbands for the sake of God; Gopikas, who jumped into the fire for the sake of Krishna; Prahlada, who underwent torture and Hanuman, who tore His chest for Rama can be understood as the direct or indirect human incarnations of God to demonstrate this point practically. The negligence of Jesus towards His mother, had another point also.

He was reducing her bond to son to divert it to God. Apart from this, He was also preparing her to withstand the last scene of His crucifixion. In fact, in the world God created disease for this purpose only. Whenever your close related soul like wife, child etc. falls ill, you are expected to decrease your love on them slowly by such repeating illness. The illness is a temporary warning about the inevitable death on some day or the other to show that your relationship with that particular soul is not permanent and can be cut at anytime. But in such situation, one is becoming more and more anxious about the soul and takes more and more care thereby increasing the love more and more on that bond. When that soul departs suddenly or at the end of the life, this accumulated love will blast you suddenly due to increased power in the bond. But if one decreases the intensity of love by such situations, he or she will be able to withstand the shock quite efficiently. Like this Jesus was preparing His mother for the last scene, which is common to any mother, who has the probability of an accidental death of her child.

— Shri Dattaswami