The Moment of Depth

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Depth doesn't happen beyond the experience of the moment. It doesn't happen if you change by doing this or that. It happens by you celebrating the truth of yourself and the truth of yourself is always, whether you believe it or not, that you are a divine being.

— Tony Samara

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This is beautiful though I would omit the "divine" at the end. What divine? what is not divine? what is the real meaning of divine anyway? can there be any such meaning? And how can one celebrate something which he doesn't believe in?

It could have been perfect with less abstractions, simply "and the truth of yourself is always that you are". This is the accurate experience of the moment, being, without any concepts, not belief, not divinity. Anyone who ever truly experienced pure being knows the incredible wonder of that which seemed before so trivial and dull.

angel76 | Thu, 04/29/2010 - 20:21
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You are very right in the point you raise. In my interpretation, Tony Samara uses the word divine merely as a pointer to an experience that is beyond the one we know and identify with from an egocentric perspective. It is more a word play rather than a definition in of itself because of course, there is no divine, there is just being. But our minds sometimes elevate to a different understanding when we use keys and that is why I believe he (often) uses the idea of divine, to remind us of a different perspective.

"Trust allows you to navigate imagination beyond where shadows lie". Tony Samara

PranaBeats | Fri, 04/30/2010 - 13:33