Logic and God

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Logic and God

Whenever the direction to God was twisted by misinterpretations, I came several times to this earth through human bodies to remove the misinterpretations and restore the correct direction. I communicated the truth according to the then existing standards of logic and analysis (Science). I could not go beyond a certain level of logic because the receivers could never digest and appreciate it. But today the development of science is so tremendous that the capability of logic is in its climax. Therefore, I have used the present standards of logic in communicating the spiritual knowledge. Of course, God is beyond logic and logic cannot show God directly. But based on this fact, you should not reject the logic (Tarkaapratishthaanaat…Brahma Sutra). Even though the logic cannot indicate the unimaginable God directly, the logic can eliminate the non-God items which are established as God by misinterpretations.


— Shri Dattaswami