Let us work for universal spirituality

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Let us work for universal spirituality

All of us are employees of this divine service of God. I am just the cook and all of you are in the catering section to propagate this divine knowledge of Universal spirituality, which is the dream of Nostradamus. Do not aspire for any fruit for this divine service of God, because the opportunity given to serve this divine mission of God itself is the divine fruit. Any human being on this earth can join this divine service at any moment. Any devotee who is in this divine service can resign and go out because the work of God will not stop under any circumstances. The person who joined this divine work has obtained this rarest divine fruit in the joining time itself.

The devotee who leaves this service has not left the work but lost the divine fruit. A human employer may fear to fill the post of a talented employee. But God has no such fear because the power of talents of all employees of God is coming from God only like current entering various electrical instruments to do various works.


His Holiness Shri Dattaswami