Indians are poor in practical aspects of spirituality

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Indians are proud of their strong family bonds but they do not realize that these bonds in fact hinder their spiritual practice. Unless one is released from these worldly bonds, one cannot have a strong bond with the Lord. One cannot join a new institution unless he is released from the old institution. Jesus preached through the Bible that one should leave these family bonds with parents, wife, children etc., and that one should be prepared to sacrifice even his life for the sake of the Lord. Only by such sacrifice can one become dear to Him. Such final conclusions of knowledge made westerners implement the spiritual knowledge in practice.

— Shri Dattaswami

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Living with family is the cultureof india

A new theory is propounded by H.H.Datta swamy.There are many god men like kusumaHaranath,Sri Rama krishna who lead an ascetic life with their families with them.Many of our sages like Athri,jama dagni,vasistha lived with their families and practised Dharma.Leaving their wives and children to their fate and enter aforest to find the truth is Like running away from responsibilities.Living with wife and children also we can practice yoga.This is called raja yoga.There are men like janaka and Ambarisha who achieved moksha or salvation living with families only.

mbnarayana | Tue, 07/07/2009 - 14:40