False Teachers

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"This is the Kali Yuga,
Even Rakshashas (demons) will incarnate as teachers to mislead you.
Those who must be destroyed by these demons will be.

Test the Guru by the teaching:
without inquiry there is no teaching.
Shun every teacher who does not teach inquiry.
Directly looking at your own face is the only teaching.

If the Guru says 'I am enlightened,'
it means the ego is enlightened so stay away.
Western teachers who say this are preachers so stay away
and only write books to load more garbage on seekers,
and more money in their pockets.
They will attract so many students,
but in Kali Yuga it is the falsehood which will draw the crowds.
The Truth and the true Gurus will be neglected.
If there is a teacher and a student for more than one second then both of them go to avachi hell!"

— Poonjaji (Papaji)

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I do fully agree with you.
This is really what is happening here & there.
But a sincere seeker will not come under the influences of such fake guru,if so,will come out immediately.
A true seeker will definitely get a true guru.
Thanks for your quote.

madan_gautam | Thu, 10/30/2008 - 15:51