Express your gratitude to God

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Express your gratitude to God
Never bring present and future before God. Confine to the past always before God. Look back at your past life. Hundreds of incidents are there where you were helped by God. Even if you dispose some incidents through the incidental probability of success or through the efficiency of your efforts, certainly there are plenty of instances in which the help from God is clearly evident. At least remember those few incidents and express your gratefulness along praise to God for His kind help that was already done. The word Krutajnata means remembering the past help. Kruta means the past help done. Jna means identifying it by analysis.

— Shri Dattaswami

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If my mother gives me a great gift, like a high-class shirt, what's important isn't so much that I say, "Oh, you're so very wonderful to give me this shirt!" What she really cares about is that I wear the shirt; that will make her more happy than personal flattery.

So whatever God gives us, we could forget about God entirely, and focus instead on using what we got. Then again, perhaps God is more insecure than my mother, and would prefer the flattery.


RandomStu | Thu, 10/22/2009 - 18:14