Do not worry about the concept of Lord coming in Human form

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Do not worry about the concept of Lord coming in Human form

You need not be discouraged that a specific human being has become God and that you have no opportunity to become like that in this very human life. The analysis of human incarnation shows the coexistence of unimaginable God and a selected soul suitable for the specific purpose of the divine mission of the God (Dvaasuparnaa….). When the divine program needs different angles of various suitable talents, God can simultaneously enter into the human bodies and make simultaneously existing human incarnations. Therefore if you make yourself suitable to the divine mission of God, God can certainly enter your human body and do a specific work needed for the divine mission through yourself. In such case you are also the human incarnation acting in a specific direction of the program.

Datta Swami is a selected soul for the purpose of generation of divine knowledge because He has the talent of the knowledge of scriptures and science suitable for that line of work. All the devotees who are working in this divine mission have different lines of talents and God has entered their human bodies also and is working in their lines of the program. Therefore, all the devotees who are already working in this mission are already the simultaneous human incarnations of God. That is how Datta Swami views His devotees. The devotees of Datta Swami do not accept themselves as simultaneous human incarnations and this shows their submissiveness, which is the basic characteristic of Lord Datta.

— Shri Dattaswami

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Okay, I counted 180 posts from you in the last 30 hours and now it has become too tedious to scroll through 8 pages of posts looking for someone other than you. Please, put the keyboard down and back away slowly!

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There is a message there...take what helps and leave the rest behind....maybe the rest will benefit you in the future.
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Wú Míng(nameless) in truth

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