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Buddha, kept silent about the unimaginable absolute God and therefore, there is no point of looking Buddha even as the Messenger of God. He was viewed as a learned human being since Buddhists misunderstood Buddha as an atheist. Buddha was concentrating on the removal of desire, which is the life of spiritual effort. This does not mean that He denied God. Suppose, you are going to a foreign country and you require the woolen clothes there. Suppose a friend concentrates on the point of purchase of the woolen clothes only. Does it mean that he does not believe in the existence of the foreign country? Kauravas looked Krishna in this fourth angle and tried to tie Krishna with a rope. Their mother, Gandhari also viewed Krishna in the same fourth angle and cursed Krishna with cruel death. Accordingly, Krishna was shot dead and died with profuse bleeding from the foot. There is no difference between Jesus and Krishna even in this cruel death.


— Shri Dattaswami