3 instruments in Spiritual Effort

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3 instruments in Spiritual Effort

There are three instruments (Trikaranas) in the spiritual effort, which are mind (and intelligence), words and work. The mind is transformed into work straightly and there is no need of words for transformation of one’s own mind into work. Meera (a female Devotee) did not sing to convert her mind in to practice. She sang for the sake of the world in the divine mission and not for her personal practice. Similarly, Shankara ( a previous human incarnation) did not debate for His personal practice because He left the house (practice) even before the debates. His debates were for the world only. Therefore, the middle instrument (words) has no significance in your personal progress.

It is used for the sake of others only in the divine service of the Lord. The word is a mixture of mind and work of body (throat). The mixture is not the third component and only two components exist in it. Hence, there are only two instruments. One is external (work of body) and the other is internal (mind or intelligence).

— Shri Dattaswami