Do you Agree with "Osho's Point of View"?

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Osho's point of view

What is/are the Osho's point of view?
What he said, which was never said earlier?

madan_gautam | Sat, 06/20/2009 - 04:41
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he didn't try to invent the already invented

This is the beauty of Osho that he didn't try to invent the already invented.

That he managed with his unique oratory skills to explain concepts better than the original sayer.

That he didn't stick artificially to one path, one way, one method.

Therefore there cannot be one point of view associated with Osho but not because "he didn't say something others said before".

john | Sat, 06/20/2009 - 09:59
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He made religion playful.

He said everything which was said before but in a complete new dimension.............He added flavour to everthing that has been said so that man learns to enjoy religion.........He loved mankind.............He went out of his ways to help mankind...........Can an ordinary soul say everything so beautifully that was said earlier?....................Be it Bhagwad Gita,Tao,chakras,Dynamic meditation,buddhism,sufism,Milarape,lao Tzu,chuang tzu,tantra,jesus,krishna........anything that religion can hold.............He was enlightened at the age of 21...........For whom he read all those for?...........Just for u and me..........for all the sentient beings........for the worlds seen and worlds unseen,things born,and things awaiting birth.......Can ordinary man be so compassionate and so bold?He is a drop of water that has turned into ocean.............HIS EYES SAY SO...........I LOVE YOU OSHO.

joshoda | Sun, 06/21/2009 - 18:12
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Need a open mind

To be able to enjoy what Osho says one has to have an open mind. He has the most direct ways of saying things, some may be against what you believe. He is not called the spiritual terrorist for nothing.Osho is mind blowing in some cases, sometimes you just can't agree so let those things be. If any one wants to ever read or listen to Osho, do so with a lot of acceptance. Consult your Guru if required. In my case it was my Guru who taught me how to understand, accept & absorb Osho keeping your own opinions intact. Or just be like Joshoda here, deeply in love.
He is not for everyone.

Amit Phand | Mon, 06/22/2009 - 12:22

no,not absolutely

As per the research carried on by sahaj yoga workshops and theme of which came to my knowledge as below:--Rajneesh was a raksha in treta yuga who took birth in India in previous century in the disguise of a guru.He was false saint,false-guru.His language was beautiful,charming and well attractive to people.I studied his literature/books---as dhyan sutra,sambhog sey samadhi kee oor etc.during the years from 1977 to 1986 and discussed WITH THE SAINTS OF Ramakrishna Mission and Arya Smaj and also with the classical&modern saints,scholars of sanatana dharama and also again discussed with others about him,his theories,his literature and also his style of living in USA and his visits to other countries only with the view of spirituality.He was kicked out of USA and so he took shelter in India at the end of his life.As per the discussion he was found absolutely wrong,unacceptable from the point of view of spirituality and absolutely rejected as guide for spiritual evolution.
During the spiritual workshops of SAHAJ YOGA( being conducted in india Kabir,guru nanakdev and sirdi kay sai etc. were found self-realised-souls but rajneesh(osho) was found unrealised soul and also found negative force in spiritual arena.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 08/01/2009 - 19:00
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I never knew through research one can declare whether one is enlightened or not that also without being in contact with that person of whom You are conducting.............I am for sure that Osho will never participate in such a senseless research.....This whole idea is complete absurd and unpalatable......Most of the people were against him because they could not understand him and was too ahead of the generation ...........
He was against organized religions,perhaps this had hurt the ego of many organized religion ,politicians,priest etc so obviously they will be against HIM. To prove Themselves right they had to prove OSHO wrong..........THIS IS A SIMPLE ARITHMETIC As per him getting expelled from US,I am sure the president did not like the joke Osho have made out of him........And For your kind information all the great souls are somehow not accepted............Jesus was Crucified,Socrates was poisoned,Buddha was humiliated,Galileo theory that earth revolves around the sun was rejected,Gandiji was shot ......And if Osho carried a negative vibes then all buddhas must be carrying negative vibes except the gurus that you have mentioned,coz they might not have been a threat to them .............I would love to get drowned into such a vibe.............

joshoda | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 05:33
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Well said joshonda.
I agree with you,as people go to others to establish the Enlightenment of a Master/Guru.
People say that He always said half truth/always contradicted Him Self,but they never gone in depth.
They want to know the Truth from others not from themselves.
The Truth is so personal and subjective and the expersions/observations are objective,then how can you will be able to know/experience the Truth of others/Enlightenment, until you have gone through that yourself .
Can one say that you eat mango and I will come to know/experience the joy & benefit of its taste through you.Can this happen?If not then how the same for Truth can happen?.
Just Know your self and you will come to know the truth and there is no other way.

madan_gautam | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 22:35
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Nidhi, what are you talking about?

You said, "rajneesh(osho) was found unrealised soul and also found negative force in spiritual arena." "As per the discussion he was found absolutely wrong,unacceptable from the point of view of spirituality and absolutely rejected as guide for spiritual evolution."

What the heck are you talking about? Do you know what you are talking about? When you criticize a man who was a light in the world and speak "authoritatively" about the state of his soul and call him "wrong and unacceptable"
I wonder about your intent.

Gilana | Fri, 01/08/2010 - 04:00

Unrealized soul

Hello Gilana,
Myself happy to know that you are thinking on this line of inquiry to get the truth revealing.
The question is whether Osho was realized soul or not? Inquiry must not be kept only on my answer to know the truth; therefore, you are requested to search answer to it from other sources also as from Vedic Organizations--- Arya Samaj etc., Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math, Yogada Satsang Society, Divine Life Society, Brahma Kumaris ishwaria vishva vidyaalyaa, Vipassana Research Institute, Raadhaa Swami Satsanga Vyaasa, Ruhaani Mission, Shiva Yoga Shri Vidyaa etc. Through these organizations you must have to know how to recognize realized souls and unrealized souls and how to be awakened, enlightened as well as how to get self-realization. If you have patience and courage to go for deep studies on soul, Godhead and spirituality etc. through these organizations then you may yourself know that Osho was really unrealized soul. You may find yourself him rejected after getting you your self-realization. You may seek fundamental harmony underlying all these organizations for revelations of truth of realized and unrealized. Yes, He is negative force because of strongly blocking the left-side Swadhishthan centre which pertains pure desire of the Divine. Deity of Muladhar has been very angry with him. My organizations and my universities have enough reason to call him "wrong and unacceptable".
I feel Sahaja yoga is one of the best methods to recognize someone who is self-realized and who is not. To learn this technique you have to go to Sahaja yoga centers in your country for getting your self-realization. For which there must be pure desire to know the Self(God the All-Pervading); therefore you must keep pure desire in heart when visiting the center. At Sahaja Yoga centers you may confirm from the coordinators and from other sahajis whether Osho was realized soul or unrealized. After you becoming yourself realized person you also can recognize others whether so and so is realized or not.
Now promise to be genuine seeker for self-realization; hence you may also be connected to All pervading consciousness which make us experience only the truth as it having been.
Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 01/23/2010 - 18:39
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What this got to do with osho?

I see in what you wrote 2 things: confusion and wish to push this shaja yoga of yours. What I don't see is anything truly relating to Osho or to opinions about him.

david | Sat, 01/23/2010 - 21:44

Only wishing

Sahaja means spontaneity in us and also around us and this natural spontaneousness has been born with our birth and it is continually with us. With the activation of the machinery of thoughts on the bubble of ego this natural form of our spontaneousness goes into the state of unmanifest and we become in the language of society intelligent, social, responsible citizen and live the life normally. We exercise our faculties of thinking and the same of emotions to become highly reputed, giant, extraordinary personalities who are highly honoured by others as guides in our global villages and cities. But our inner unmanifest nature remains unmanifest. We have to get its manifestation which is the highest aim of humanity as per Koran, Bible, Upanishads and Vedas etc. which is achieved through the culmination of self-realization.
There is confusion and only confusion until we get our awakening, self-realization. For the removal this confusion Sahaja Yoga is necessary; hence if you desire to remove your confusion then you must follow Sahaja Yoga. If you loose the chance to follow Sahaja Yoga in this life then you will have to follow it next human life which may be happen either in near future life or it may after passing thousands and thousands years. Now the choice depends on you.
Sahaja yoga is not only mine but this pertains also to Belgium alongwith all other countries also.
Yes, it is my wish; wishing Sahaja yoga to all.
On account of confusion you are not seeing truth relating to Osho; therefore, you are requested to get your self-realization through the Sahaja yoga centers available in your country for the revelation of truth.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.
To know Sahaja yoga centres in your country, visit at:

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 01/24/2010 - 18:09
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Recognizing stuff

Hi Nidhi,

Well, that was a mouthful!

I'm an American, born and raised in the west. I was born and live in midst of mostly Christians and Jews who do not live their faith and get annoyed if you ask them about it and New Agers who talk a great game and get annoyed at everybody.

I perceived truth at 15 when compassion overcame fear. I say that in a bald way since I don't consider truth to be extraordinary or me to be extraordinary in allowing it...truth is very ordinary, plain and most importantly, basic.

All of that is why I cannot use your advice. I don't go by organizations; they are inherently biased. I don't learn techniques; they are inherently flawed. All human knowledge is limited by that fact that it is manifested.

The world has worked it's magic on me which I am patiently allowing my guru to undo. I'm still twisted, but I'm untwisting, step by step. And, yes, you can be enlightened (or self-realized as you put it) and still get twisted up. Thoughts and emotions have been elevated to monarch; that is my pain. As a matter of fact, that's everybody's condition, I'm not unique. I'm part of the group, thank God.

I recognize Osho's enlightenment (self-realization) because I was immersed in enlightenment and I smell it on him. That's how I recognized my guru, too. That's all.

Gilana | Tue, 01/26/2010 - 16:57

> Recognizing Stuff

Hello Gilana,
Inspite of being born and raised in America and also inspite of have been living amidst the Christian and Jews, You are my brother as had been already declared by Swami Vivekananda in 1893 in USA at the Summit of 'Parliament of Religions'----- addressed as my brothers and sisters------. Now, globally we are sisters and brothers to which many of us have to accept yet but I have accepted it with the grace of Mother Adi Shakti the Primordial Energy. Beyond mind, body and intellect She is Mother of all of us due to which we are all brothers and sisters. As brother I have to fulfill my sacred duties towards my brothers and sisters owing to which I commented hereby for getting self-realization.
We have to break each condition which is hindrance to us as organization, annoyance, particular personality etc. Certainly compassion overcomes fear; which is the evidence of dawning of the grace of the Lord through the central heart. Genuine truth is simple, straight and spontaneous dawns on us from the sky which is beyond mind, body, intellect in order of that we may see harmony instead of inherent biased and inherent flaws and twisting etc. Question of human limitations finishes when we go beyond mind, body and intellect. After self-realization we become guru of our own on account of which we may ourselves stop the the working of world magic play on us. Thoughts comes to us from right side sympathetic nervous system which goes to left hemisphere of the brain and emotions comes from left side sympathetic nervous system which at the level of brain goes to right side but the the path of self-realization is separate from these the both; hence, we have to go beyond thoughts and emotions if we have to follow the divine path---- the path of self-realization which is the third and goes through the para sympathetic nervous system. Osho Was trapped in these two through the inscrutable power of My Mother Mahaamaayaa so he was unrealized soul but Nanak, Kabir, Jesus Christ and Muhammad have not been found trapped in this snare of Mahaamaayaa.
Group is called organization and school-class, college-class is also an organization. Our family, our global community,our working places/offices and our guru-feet community are also the examples of organizations so we cannot avoid organizations in our universal social system.
Dead person may not be guru of anyone in spiritual realm and guru may be the person(self-realized soul) who is alive which means living/bearing the garments of blood&body(alive person). Dead person is nothing, at the most if something it has to be accepted then it may be only energy which is not directly helpful to alive person but sometimes such unrealized spirits damages the alive persons because they need medium for themselves and their devotees(devotees of dead unrealized gurus) become easy prey to them.
Save yourself from dead person's unrealized soul which may hurt you at any stage in your life.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 01/28/2010 - 17:46
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Osho's unrealization

You said, "Osho Was trapped in these two through the inscrutable power of My Mother Mahaamaayaa so he was unrealized soul"

How do you know?

Gilana | Sat, 01/30/2010 - 05:32

How do you know?

Hello Gilana,
Your this question is spontaneous and very, very nice.
Answer: Mahaamaayaa is the inscrutable divine power of Brahman and She is the Deity of Sahasrara; which is reflecting in us as Kundalini. Through the awakening of 'coiled up energy' (Kundalini Shakti) in us our conscious centers(chakras) are opened in our central nervous system(para sympathetic system) and 'This Divine Power the Kundalini' going through/piercing all the seven chakras when goes out from the Sahasrara chakra merging 'Itself' with the All pervading consciousness then at that time we are truly connected to All pervading consciousness. This All Pervading Consciousness is called GOD, Brahman which is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Almighty, Eternal, The Whole Collective Consciousness to which we are found ourselves connected after the piercing of our seventh chakra; due to its connection true knowledge, true experience start to come to us from within. After piercing all the chakras and due to our connecting to All pervading Consciousness cool breeze starts to flow from our top of the head and from our hands and also from other parts of our bodies. This cool breeze is also called cool vibrations which is/are mentioned as Holy Ghost in Bible and as Ruha in Koran but we say to these cool vibrations also, as per Adi Guru Shankaracharya, "CHAITANYA LAHAREYN" WAVES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. When establishing himself in "NIRVICHAAR SAMAADHI" THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS due to awakening of Kundalini-Shakti to beyond top of head/fontanelle area these cool vibrations start to wave/flow from the top of the head and from the hands then Saadhaka becomes self-realized soul and such a person start to know each thing from within and he is capable to get answers to his questions from within himself through this connection and Kundalini Mother and these answers come in the form of vibrations. Through this knowledge and divine technique 'Osho was recognized as trapped' and you may also himself know it; therefore, you are requested to know it yourself to experience, to feel the truth. Please don't believe me until you experience yourself this fact because the science of Sahaja Yoga is fully experimental; therefore you are humbly requested to contact sahaja yoga centers in your country for experimental purpose and actual experience.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 01/30/2010 - 16:05
Gilana's picture

Been there, done that

Hi again,

When compassion overcame fear, everything became apparent as light generated from the molecules composing it. Boundaries dissappeared and everything intertwined with everything else. I saw that all energy was free to, and indeed did permeate all other energy, forming one entity of energy and light. The smallest atom connected and vibrating by the movement of another similar atom light years away. Joy began to vibrate in my being as energy zoomed up my spine to through the top of my head. (Which, by the way, hurts.) I could see in all directions, 360 degrees simultaneously. Laughter seemed the only response. Joy, unbounded. I felt the vastness of existance and was almost crushed by my smallness and could have been if the answer was not given that each cell is essential. The boundaries of each body dissapeared replaced by light, movement, like fireflies, but the faces remained, like masks placed over electrified water. I saw each mask, carefully constructed and necessary as a character in the play of life. Blessed entities, carrying functions. Any question my mind asked was fully and profoundly answered. I became totally saturated and satisfied - yet excited and electrified. Consciousness expanded further into the cosmos; but I asked humbly for it to stop. It hurt too much, I felt that I would bread apart like a vase shatters. So much had already been given.

Now, have you experienced this yourself? If you have I will know. We don't need a yoga center. We have God.

And, I still say, this is a low level. It is only experiencing what is always there. It's just noticing where you are. How significant can that be? Isn't transformation higher?

Gilana | Sat, 01/30/2010 - 18:41

Isn't transformation higher?

Ok I read your experience of mystic approach and like it from your point of view but I have not personally such thing to explain nor I will to have it because in my view it seems to me to have to be over active of Pinglaa Naadi on account of which these various things come to mind as existing and give joy. Right swaadhishthan chakra releases the energy which is used either by the thinking mechanics or by any other way as negative capturing etc. when this energy is interrupted due to over activity(negative capturing) of the brain then hallucinations come to the surface of knowing. In yoga Aphorism this is called vikshiptaavasthaa; however, i have to avoid its further explanation because of your saying that asked questions were profoundly answered and also you became fully saturated and satisfied.
I prefer your experience of consciousness expanded further into cosmos but why you felt hurt from it and stopped it.
I have no such kind of experience but my experience is different kind of --- as having been already said somewhere which based on vipassana, yoga and Vedanta etc.
Further myself happy that you have said that you have God; please explain and define this God to readers.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 01/31/2010 - 12:15
Gilana's picture

Isn't transformation higher?

Hi again,

Thank you for attributing the experience I described as coming from thinking. Not many people have worried about me thinking too much! The genius' in my family have always worried that I think too little.

It's unlikely that the experience came from imagination, although anything is possible. My mother and father were both insane and if I was thinking at all it was about how to survive the day. I really wasn't worried at all about God--I just wanted to avoid trouble, get good grades in school so that I could get out of the house, and was very concerned about boys and parties. Orange county is not a place where many gurus or mystics hang out. The only God I knew was the Jewish version. We were pouring baby lotion on hoping to get burnt/tanned and look for cute boys.

My questions still stand.

1. How do YOU know Osho was "unrealized"? Do you just believe somebody else? Or do you have personal knowing, based on experience?

2. Isn't transformation higher than realization?

3. Do you rely on other people's words and ideas and organizations to get to God?

You said, "Further myself happy that you have said that you have God; please explain and define this God to readers."

A small correction--I didn't say I have God. I said we have God. But I was still wrong; what I should have said is "God has us." Us--the hollow flutes that form images and sound as God breaths through us. He takes a breath and we disappear--he breaths and we reappear--over and over and over and over.

My master, beloved Premodaya, has transmitted this.

The real explanation is in your own experience. What does that mean to you? Small or large, momentary or epoch--your own taste of God, (that which you are made of, and the innumerable "you"s which comprise it) is the only true and profound answer. For each of us, each hologram, this is true.

Gilana | Mon, 02/01/2010 - 01:59

Yours three questions

Hello my precious brother Gilana,
It is my try to answer your questions as below:-
1.It is on the bases of my personal experience through self-realization, Kundalini-Shakti and also certified with the experience of others about which I have already said as sahaja yoga and Arya Samaja etc. Regarding techniques are Sahaja Meditation (Samaadhi), Self-realization, discrimination on the bases of my education and respective institutions and also my individual experiments and collective experiments in the company of colleagues and results so got are tallied from the point of view of certifying the truth.
2.Genuine transformations comes after getting self-realization.
3.I rely on myself, on my self-realization and My Mother Kundalini(MAHAAMAAYAA) All pervading Consciousness.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 02/01/2010 - 15:52
Gilana's picture

Beloved Nidhi

It seems that you are saying that you rely on your own experience in conjunction with the verification of others.

Sorry that I made you repeat yourself...I'm truly ignorant of Hindi or Sanskrit...I know what Samaadhi (Samadhi?) is however and that has to be trusted.

I realllllyyyy want to know how and why you are judging Osho, however. I cannot imagine that anyone ever who has had a taste of truth could possibly not fall in love with him!

He's dead, of course, but you can feel the vibe that is left, you can watch the videos, you can feel truth and love and humor and ESPECIALLY spontaneity dripping from him! Authenticity and spontaneity are his calling cards! Fierce individualism, that which God has created (not personality) erupt from his being...the demand of God is fully realized in him!

What do you see that I don't?

I am freed by his to be whatever God demands, without being crippled by judgment, but fully supported, as if he is standing behind me defending my right to be wrong, or right, or nothing at all. His own life was lived in accordance with his own truth; not subject to anyone else's ideas. From the time he was a youth, he actively exposed superstition, untruth, and bias, regardless of a person's station in life or what the subject of his inquiry could "do" for him.

Is it the Rolls Royces? That can be easily understood: You can either be a Guru living the truth in (relative or complete) obscurity, touching only a few really deserving souls, living the life of a spiritual prince, even in poverty these have plenty of luxury in that they don't deal with the masses...they don't have to subject themselves to the ignorant, to the argumentative, to the prejudiced, to the grossly material. They simply pick and choose those who are totally prepared by Karma and past lives and present training, then do the refining. OR you can be a rebel, a man of the earth, one who is willing to subject himself to ANYBODY, anyone for any reason who has the courage or audacity to approach. Anyone could approach Osho, and anyone did. Thousands were touched and confronted by him. All sorts of negative, uncouth energies were allowed to approach...materialistic, disgusting, licentious people were allowed to be in his presence..he allowed all.

Isn't that the understanding....that ANYONE in the presence of a true teacher, a real Guru benefits?

Who do you want to refine--he who is already sublime by preparation, or he who is base and needs raising the most?
And, as an American, I can tell you for certain that we materialists are not attracted by truth. Truth is for dry library stacks and wacky oddballs. (Yawn) We want stuff. Rolls Royces are good. They are the best. We like the best. We want to know all about the guys with the Rolls Royces. Especially a guy who has almost 100 of them. We REALLYYYY want to know about him!

The Rolls Royces were bait. See how that works?

God wants us to recognize him and he will use ANYTHING to get our attention. Bless Osho forever for allowing himself to be used.

God is alive, good, bad and in between, moving, new, fresh, creative, audacious, tasty, lusty and vibrant. I'm terrified of it! Victory to Mother Kundalini!

Gilana | Mon, 02/01/2010 - 17:23

It happened by the way

Hi Gilana brother,
"I reallllyyy want to know how and why you are judging Osho-----------." It happened by the way when I was given chance on Guru feet to join the poll 'whether you agree with the Osho'. This judgment as well as this competency of truth knowing came to me through the self-realization which happened through the awakening of Kundalini piercing all the chakras. Why I judging because it is general phenomena in the field of sahaja from the point of view of experiments of self-realization and it is not only Osho who is judged but we along-with the sahajis have judged many, many persons of these categories for the benefits of ourselves and for the benefits of others. But this judgment can be done after getting self-realization which is the genuine way to us.

Victory to Mother Kundlini

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 02/02/2010 - 15:27
Gilana's picture

Ask again

Beloved Nidhi,

1. What, specifically, was judged lacking in Osho?

2. Why do you think you or any of these organizations are competent to judge whether someone is enlightened or not?

3. How do you know your self-realization came through the Kundalini piercing and mine was halucination and wrong-thinking?

4. How do you know what the "competency of truth" is?

5. Are you enlightened? If yes, how do you know Osho isn't? If no, how do you know Osho isn't?

Gilana | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 21:03

> Ask again

Hi Gilana,
Myself is very happy to read that you have again asked some questions to which I, now, try to answer as below:-
1. He was top class philosopher and his language was very, very charming which has enough and tremendous capacity to encircle peoples and listeners to his fold of miraculous speaking and faiths. He was also deeply acquainted with the spiritual organizations, religious faiths and cultural systems in India and also those of other parts of the globe as western philosophies etc. He was well acquainted with the saints of his time and historically those of the past. Eloquently, he spoke on these and also made the Indian people enjoy these all not only eagerly with his philosophical ideas but also with his humors and amusements. As generally the public of India is of religious temperament in viewing it he learned also professional sainthood; still he had fully made himself fully attracted to this field and projected a unique model of spiritualism but instead of following any professionalism, to be professional in this field he declared himself 'BHAGWAN' WHICH MEANS GOD IN SANSKRIT AND IN HINDI. Upto this point he was enough instrumental for his philosophical ideas and made the Indian public laugh and amuse. But his character could not be accepted by Indian public and came to understand that he taught the immorality which is against the Indian social culture. Indian people have strong faith in good character and sound morality to which they consider is the first quality of a good person and also very necessary of spi9ritual person.
The person who is highly qualified and also spiritually very, very academically as well as professionally qualified may not be, it is certain, that he may also be self-realized soul; however, on the other hand it is also certain that a illiterate may be self-realized soul just as Nanak, Kabir etc.
Individually I have not see any lacking or un-lacking in him but here is my point is whether he was self-realized and answer to it is is negative. I repeatedly say that Osho was unrealized soul as my experience having been got through Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is a scientific practical way of self-realization.
Books of Yoga and all books of philosophies etc. cannot give self-realization to any one because it has been alive activity and can be happened through the self-realized alive person only; therefore you were humbly requested to contact self-realized persons physically in USA.

example: I drank tea. you asked how is tea to which my answer is it is very nice and sweet--so and so---. But you cannot understand until you yourself will take tea. O brother, I have taken my tea if you desire to know how it tastes then you have to take your tea. Books and philosophies cannot give practical taste of tea until it is taken by you yourself. I have known that so and so person/persons is/are self-realized and also so and so are not due to get my self-realization through Sahaja Yoga. I say very directly if you desire to know that Osho is self-realized or not then you have at first to get your self-realization; otherwise no other way, except to go through others' unnecessary and useless talks, books, dry-philosophies etc. After self-realization there is no need of books, philosophies etc. to know the truth as it having been because in the person inner live system of absolute knowledge is opened before which any other outside system has no any taste in view of the opening of absolute bliss....... and it is perfectly true, true and true.

There are many saints and sages who have not got their self-realization. There is rarely one who gets ones own self-realization. Osho was among these persons/saints/sages who had not got their self-realization inspite of, even if having been accepted, saints of very, very high status.

Please don't bother about others(their self-realization) but it is better if you get your self-realization for the knowledge of Self, truth, soul, Over-Soul, God the Almighty and All-Pervading Consciousness.
2.This is not my thinking but it is got revealed through the systemic methods of Sahaja Yoga as someone scientist experiments in a laboratory. This knowledge is got beyond the faculties of thinking more vividly can be said as its getting having been by thoughtless awareness(nirvichara Samadhi). Higher to it is is 'NIRVIKALP SAMAMDHI', SAHAJA....
3.My self-realization happens to me so vividly as myself have been to me very, very known to; which happened as alive and true to as was theoretically made known to through also practically with the Grace of Kundalini Mother who pierced the chakras and self realization happened after the piercing of the seventh chakras wherein fontanel area at the top of head and this happening could be felt, known to very clearly.
Please don't feel anything hurt with my words hallucination etc. which are on the bases on theory of Sahaja yoga and also its practical aspects are vibrations. Actually these are the vibrations on bases of which truth is known to and sahajis know through these vibrations so this knowledge happened about you through the vibrations and theory of sahaja system. It is known through the power of Kundalini-Shakti. Anyone can be checked through these vibrations whether someone has hallucination, strong mentality, loving nature, hating nature and whether someone is fearful or fearless etc. but all these experiments should be after getting self-realization and also their public demonstration is strongly prohibited from the point of view of spiritual sacredness and protocol of Sahaja Yoga.
After self-realization you may also know such matters easily about others but speaking of these experience to non sahajis are avoided.
4.Competency of truth can be easily ascertain through self-realization trough its practical aspect.
5.Yes. I may desire to speak enlightenment as self-realization which happened through the Kundalini awakening and piercing of all the chakras as being spoken already. Vibrations of unrealized soul is differ than those of the self-realized soul; and we the Sahajis can recognize by these vibrations who is self-realized and who is not. And after self-realization any one can recognize others who is self-realized soul and who is not self-realized person.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 02/07/2010 - 17:04
manisu's picture

Sahaja Yoga's Mataji was a Rajneesh(Osho) follower during 70's.


Sahaja Yoga's Mataji had been to meditation camps with Rajneesh (Osho). I have seen the original video.

May be Shri Mataji also got some ideas from Rajneesh (Osho) during her years with him during early 1970's.

However, nobody is going to make a claim out of this. If she was ever got helped by Osho, good for her.

Elightened being like Osho are rare and unique phenomenon. No comparisons can be made.

manisu | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 14:30
Asanga's picture

Osho on why Enlightened person's behaviour cannot be predicted..

I am not a 'follower' of Osho, but I thought this would bring up what He would have said in response to this debate/ poll...

Osho - Your actions are related to past actions. A created a situation for B to become possible; B creates a situation in which C flowers. Your acts are connected to past acts and this goes back to the beginningless beginning and on to the endless end. Not only do your own acts determine you, but your father’s and mother’s acts also have a continuity with yours. Your society, your history, all that has happened before, is somehow related to your present act. The whole history has come to flower in you.

Everything that has ever happened is connected with your act, so your act is obviously determined. It is such a minute part of the whole picture. History is such a vital living force and your individual act is such a small part of it. Marx said, ”It is not consciousness that determines the conditions of society. It is society and its conditions that determines consciousness. It is not that great men create great societies.

It is great societies that create great men.” And he is right in a way, because you are not the originator of your actions. The whole history has determined them. You are just carrying them out. The whole evolutionary process has gone into the making of your biological cells. These cells in you can then become part of another person. You may think that you are the father, but you have just been a stage on which the whole biological evolution has acted and has forced you to act. The act of procreation is so forceful because it is beyond you; it is the whole evolutionary process working through you.

This is one way in which acts happen in relation to other past acts. But when a person becomes enlightened, a new phenomenon begins to happen. Acts are no longer connected with past acts. Any act, now, is connected only with his consciousness. It comes from his consciousness not from the past. That is why an enlightened person cannot be predicted.

Skinner says that we can determine what you will do if your past acts are known. He says that the old proverb, ”You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,” is wrong. You can force him to. You can create an atmosphere so that the horse will have to drink. The horse can be forced, and you also can be forced, because your actions are created by situations, by circumstances. But even though you can bring a buddha to the river, you cannot force him to drink. The more you force him, the more impossible it will be.

No heat will make him do it. Even if a thousand suns shine on him it will not help. A Buddha has a different origin of action. It is not concerned with other acts; it is connected with consciousness. That is why I emphasize that you act consciously. Then, every moment you act, it is not a question of a continuation of other acts. You are free. Now you begin to act, and no one can say how you will act.

Habits are mechanical; they repeat themselves. The more you repeat something, the more efficient you become. Efficiency means that now consciousness is no longer needed. If a person is an efficient typist it means that no effort is needed; typing can be done unconsciously. Even if he is thinking about something else the typing continues. The body is typing; the man is not needed. Efficiency means that the thing is so certain that no effort is possible.

With freedom, effort is always possible. A machine cannot make errors. To err, one has to be conscious. So your acts have a chain relationship with your previous acts. They are determined. Your childhood determines your youth; your youth determines your old age. Your birth determines your death; everything is determined. Buddha used to say, ”Provide the cause, and the effect will be there.” This is the world of cause and effect in which everything is determined.

If you act with total consciousness, an altogether different situation exists. Then everything is moment to moment. Consciousness is a flow; it is not static. It is life itself, so it changes. It is alive. It goes on expanding; it goes on becoming new, fresh, young. Then, your acts will be spontaneous.

I am reminded of a Zen story.... A Zen master asked his disciple a particular question. The question was answered exactly as it should be answered. The next day the master asked exactly the same question. The disciple said, ”But I answered this question yesterday.”

The master said, ”Now I am asking you again.” The disciple repeated the same answer. The master said, ”You do not know!”
The disciple said, ”But yesterday I answered in the same way and you nodded your head. So I
interpreted that the answer was right. Why have you changed your mind now?”

The master said, ”Anything that can be repeated is not coming from you. The answer has come from your memory, not from your consciousness. If you had really known, the answer would be different because so much has changed. I am not the same man who asked you this question yesterday. The whole situation is different. You also are different, but the answer is the same. I had to ask the question again just to see if you would repeat the answer. Nothing can be repeated.”

The more alive you are, the less repetitive. Only a dead man can be consistent. Living is
inconsistency; life is freedom. Freedom cannot be consistent. Consistent with what? You can
be consistent only with the past. An enlightened person is consistent only in his consciousness; he is never consistent with his past. He is totally in the act. Nothing is left behind; nothing is left out. The next moment the act is finished and his consciousness is fresh again. Consciousness will be there whenever any situation arises, but each act will be made in complete freedom, as if it is the first time that this man has been in this particular situation.

That is why I answered both yes and no to your question. It depends on you, whether you are consciousness, or whether you are an accumulation, a bodily existence. Religion gives freedom because religion gives consciousness. The more science knows about matter, the more the world will be enslaved. The whole phenomenon of matter is of cause and effect: if you know that given this, that happens – then everything can be determined.

Before this century ends, we will see the whole course of humanity being determined in many ways. The greatest calamity that is possible is not nuclear warfare. It can only destroy. The real calamity will come from the psychological sciences. They will learn how a human being can be completely controlled. Because we are not conscious, we can be made to behave in predetermined ways.

As we are, everything about us is determined. Someone is Hindu; someone else is Mohammedan. This is predetermination, not freedom. Parents have decided; society is deciding. Someone is a doctor and someone else is an engineer. Now his behavior is determined. We are already being controlled constantly, and our methods are still very primitive. Newer techniques will be able to determine our behavior to such an extent that no one will be able to say that there is a soul.

If your every response is determined, then what is the meaning of the soul? Your responses can be determined through body chemistry. If alcohol is given to you, you behave differently. Your body chemistry is different so you behave differently. At one time, the ultimate tantra technique was to take intoxicants and remain conscious. If a person remained conscious
when everything indicated that he should be unconscious, only then would tantra say the man was enlightened, otherwise not.

If body chemistry can change your consciousness, then what is the meaning of consciousness? If an injection can make you unconscious, then what is the meaning? Then the chemical drug in the injection is more powerful than your own consciousness. Tantra says it is possible to transcend every intoxicant and remain conscious. The stimulus has been given, but the response is not there.

Sex is a chemical phenomenon. A particular quantity of a particular hormone creates sexual desire. You become the desire. You may repent when your body chemistry has returned to its normal level, but the repentance is meaningless. When the hormones are there again, you will act in the same way. So tantra has also experimented with sex. If you feel no sexual desire in a situation that is totally sexual, then you are free. Your body chemistry has been left far behind. The body is there, but you are not in the body.

Anger is also just chemistry. Biochemists will soon be able to make you anger-proof, or sex-proof. But you will not be a buddha. Buddha was not incapable of anger. He was capable of it, but the effect of feeling anger was not there. If your body chemistry is controlled, you will be incapable of being angry. The chemical condition that makes you feel angry is not there, so the effect of anger is not there.

Or if your sex hormones are eliminated from your body, you will not be sexual. But the real thing is not whether you are sexual or not, or angry or not. The real thing is how to be aware in a situation that requires your unawareness, how to be conscious in a situation that happens only in unconsciousness.

Whenever such a situation is there, meditate on it. You have been given a great opportunity. If you feel jealous, meditate on it. This is the right moment. Your body chemistry is working within you. It will make you unconscious; it will make you behave as if you are mad. Now, be conscious. Let there be jealousy, do not suppress it, but be conscious; be a witness to it.

If there is anger, be a witness to it; if there is sex, be a witness to it. Let whatever is happening inside you happen, and begin to meditate on the whole situation. By and by, the more your awareness deepens, the less possibility there is of your behavior being determined for you. You become free. Moksha, freedom, doesn’t mean anything else. It only means a consciousness that is so free that now nothing can determine it.

Source : from Osho Book "The Psychology of the Esoteric"

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Tue, 02/02/2010 - 06:17

brief it

Brief it alongwith its central idea. what's its destination is in need of further explanation to reach the accurate point.
Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 02/07/2010 - 17:37
Gilana's picture

By The Way

Beloved Nidhi,

Doesn't seem you have heard, understood or care about what I have said to you.

In your answer, I hear your admiration for your organization and your ways of doing things and your ways of achieving--and your belief that it is the only way. I assume it is useful to you,

But don't be fooled; yours is not the only way to God.

I, along with thousands, revere Osho, disagree with your Opinion. My Opinion is that he, as much as anyone who has ever lived, had the vibration of enlightenment.

As my proof: The God that Osho re-introduced to thousands is alive, spontaneous, always changing, unpredictable, unbounded and (especially) worth watching. Moral and immoral. This God defies analysis, assessment, condemnation and limitation of any kind. It will not play by your check list. And neither did Osho.

I understand by your answer that according to your organization, anyone who calls themselves a certain name is condemmed and immoral. Immorality is an idea. Condemnation is a judgement. Ideas and judgements are not enlightenment talking; they are human limitation spreading nonsense.

Just a word, (even Bhagwan!) pushed your buttons and evoked ideas make you condemn! This is not intelligence. This is reaction--knee-jerk reaction.

I have heard of people who spoke against Osho, but I never got the opportunity to converse with any of them. Thank you for that opportunity. It was valuable to hear directly what it is that does not work for you.

You should know that your assertion that Osho was not enlightened is deeply offensive. You don't seem like a person that wishes to hurt; on the contrary, you seem very gentle and sincere.

So, unless you are the totality of God, please stop judging people (and making your judgment public, as if you were some sort of authority.) In this case a man who was very precious to a lot of people; who shook us up to waken us. As a fellow human being, you have no way of correctly assessing who anyone is or what part they play in God's plan. An opinion from you would have been enough.

By the way, your assumption that I am your brother was also incorrect. I am your sister.

Gilana | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 03:20

> By the way

Hello Fine sister Gilana,
Myself answer only the questions asked from you still you have totally failed to grip the reality regarding the difference between self-realization and non self-realization.
I have already said both of these have different kinds of vibration. Any how, let it be as it has been because truth has to remain as it is; but it may be understood with the contrast for the both unrealized and realized on account of fact that it is beyond thoughts as well as beyond the qualities of nature(trigunaatmak). Further if you have spoken that you are not brother; o k because each sister is equal to brother to me.

Reflecting on your words which you desire to make me understood which runs as below:-


I have not asked from you any other way because we have already enough but it is assured that you have not understood the Osho as we understood. I have as my colleagues some followers of Osho among whom one is Lecturer of Mathematics while other is lecturer/scholar of Sanskrit enough for such conversations on these topics.
We have not to accept Osho as realized soul inspite of any kind of your angrily ignorance etc. because we have known systematically that Osho was un-realized soul to which blind faith cannot know/understand.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.


NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 15:58
Asanga's picture

Brief it?

Dear Nidhi,
Do you want an explanation of what has been written? I somehow believe that you have started showing dangerous signs of becoming an 'evangelist'(pl look up a dictionary, if you need to), for Sahaj yoga/ Kundalini shakti...
Other than the narrow viewpoint you seem to believe is the Only way to salvation, I find your remarks display a lack of mature spiritual understanding, and also possibly, a low level knowledge of english language. Please ask someone in your vicinity to make 'briefs' in Hindi/ your mother tongue- before you put up your 'authoritative' assessments and conclusions here...
People are quite astute(pl use dictionary) here, and do see through your shallow understanding(pl check usage in dictionary) of what it means to be spiritual...
Wishing you all the best- and do observe your tendencies right now- how reactive, and insulted you are feeling- this is where you would need 'victory with help of your famous Sahaja yoga and mother Kundalini...
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 05:29

Without containing meaningful stuff

Your submission on account of my pure English could not be understood by me; therefore you are requested to keep it with yourself because I have no time to understand your so much higher lofty ideas.
NO, IT IS THIS WAY; DON'T INSULT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR HIGHER TYPE OF SPIRITUALISM WHICH IS (I AM), IS NOT(YET I AM NOT); WHETHER IT IS BRIEFING THEN O K. which reflects your wisdom is only for the purpose of fun and nothing more------ which is merely wasting of times of the both and others.

Victory to All Pervading Consciousness which is absolute existence, absolute knowledge, absolute bliss.


NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 16:50
Asanga's picture

:-) Thank you

Thank you for so aptly demonstrating exactly what I wrote...
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 17:23
B-friend's picture


I admire your courage or tenacity Nidhi!

To stoke the flames on this one EVEN MORE and to have some fun with Nidhi...Can anyone explain why Osho let his secretary perpetrate the largest biological terror attack in the U.S, up to that time, so his followers could take control of a county? If we was God sharing his God power, couldn't they have come up with something more sane? Can anyone one explain his drug use and addiction? I actually would like to know the perspectives.

>>>In 1984, a massive outbreak of salmonella poisoning swept through the county in which Rajneesh's cult was located. The Center for Disease Control traced the poisoning, which affected 751 people but thankfully killed none, to 10 different salad bars throughout the county, according to the U.S. News and World Report on Health.

Though they initially blamed the local restaurants of mishandling the food, overwhelming evidence soon convinced the authorities that the poisonings were deliberately carried out by Rajneesh's cult in a misguided effort to take control of the county.
It is suspected to be the first case of large-scale biological terrorism in the United States.
Rajneesh blamed the poisonings, along with a host of other crimes of which he was accused, on Ma Anand Sheela, his personal secretary. Sheela eventually confessed to the terror attacks, along with the attempted murder of Rajneesh's personal doctor and a prominent Oregon judge.

Authorities failed to pin any of the attempted murder charges on the cult leader, however, and he was eventually charged with violating immigration laws. Rajneesh was made to pay a $400,000 fine, given a 10-year suspended sentence, placed on probation for five years and forced to leave the country, only able to return after five years and with special permission from the Supreme Court.
He moved back to India, changed his name to Osho, and opened a meditation center where he could continue to operate his cult. He died soon after.

His followers then took recording of his lectures, many of which were taped during his time as a cult leader in America, and transcribed them to build the publishing empire which is now taking hold of the minds of so many Latvian soul-searchers. <<<


>>> Rajneesh used prescription drugs, mainly Valium (diazepam), as an analgesic for his aches and pains and to counter the symptoms of dysautonomia (dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system). At his peak usage, Rajneesh took the maximum recommended dose of 60 milligrams per day, a dose so high that it is usually only prescribed for the long term care of the mentally ill. Patients who take Valium regularly build up a resistance to the drug over time, and higher and higher doses are needed to maintain its stress relieving, hypnotic effects. Rajneesh also inhaled nitrous oxide (N2O) mixed with pure oxygen, which he claimed increased his creativity. The nitrous oxide probably did relieve the sensation of severe exhaustion and suffocation patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often feel, but it did nothing for the quality of his judgment. Naive about the power of drugs, and overconfident of his ability to fight off their negative effects, Rajneesh succumbed to addiction. [see Osho in the Dental Chair and The Dangers of Nitrous Oxide]

A number of disciples have claimed that Rajneesh was so intoxicated at his Oregon ranch in the 1980s that he sometimes urinated in the halls of his own home, just as heroin addicts and common drunks often do. I believe this to be true, as the last time I saw Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh he was inebriated to the point of becoming physically ugly. He had the same washed-out look and foolish behavior I had witnessed in drug addicts while working at a methadone clinic in the United States. Rajneesh had miraculous mental power, but he was an ordinary human being physically and he could not tolerate the devastating effects of large doses of tranquilizers.

On top of Rajneesh's physical illness, his massive intake of Valium caused paranoia and greatly reduced reasoning skills. Valium addicts often think the CIA or some other unseen villains are plotting against them, so it is not surprising that he imagined that he was poisoned by the United States Government. His reasoning powers became so damaged that Rajneesh actually considered moving to Russia to combine his totalitarian form of spirituality with Russian communism, an idea no sane man could possibly entertain. Rajneesh publicly called for the assassination of Michael Gorbachev, because Gorbachev was moving Russia to Western style capitalism instead of Rajneesh's own brand of "spiritual communism." Historically, Valium has been the drug of choice for CFS sufferers as it masks the unnerving symptoms of dysautonomia and helps bring sleep. Rajneesh suffered from insomnia, another classic symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Rajneesh was a physically ill man who became mentally corrupt. His brief experimentation with LSD only made matters worse. Rajneesh's drug use and addiction was a problem of his own making, not a government conspiracy. Rajneesh died in 1990, with heart failure listed as the official cause of death. It is probable that the physical decline Rajneesh experienced during his incarceration in American jails was due to a combination of withdrawal symptoms from his Valium addiction and an aggravation of his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to stress and exposure to allergens.

After Rajneesh's humiliation and downfall in America, he declared that he was "Jesus crucified by Ronald Reagan's America." In truth, Rajneesh was a drug addicted guru who self-destructed because of his own wrong actions.<<<

>>> The only proven cases of illegal poisoning related to Rajneesh were carried out by Rajneesh's own sannyasins. A sannyasin is an initiated disciple, one who takes sannyas. In the year 1984 there were 751 poison victims, including women and small children, at ten restaurants in the The Dalles, Oregon. Rajneesh sannyasins attempted to take over the Wasco County Commission by making so many people ill on election day that they could elect their own sannyasin candidates. [see Rajneesh bioterrorism newspaper story]

Rajneesh disciples poisoned the restaurants' customers by contaminating salad bars and coffee creamers with salmonella bacteria. Forty-five of the victims became so ill they had to be hospitalized, making the case the largest germ warfare attack in United States history. Sannyasins were later suspected of trying to kill a Wasco County executive by spiking his water with an unknown poison. A Jefferson County District Attorney, Michael Sullivan, also became ill after leaving a cup of coffee unattended as Rajneesh sannyasins filled the courthouse. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh never apologized to any of the people who were poisoned by his own trusted disciples.

Members of Rajneesh's staff were poisoned by Ma Anand Sheela, Rajneesh's personal secretary. Sheela had the habit of poisoning people who either knew too much or who had simply fallen out of her favor. Sheela spent two and a half years in a Federal medium security prison for her crimes, while Rajneesh pled guilty to immigration fraud and was given a ten year suspended sentence, fined $400,000., and deported from the United States of America. As part of his plea bargain agreement, more serious charges of racketeering were dropped. [see Rajneesh and Sheela's mugshots]

Rajneesh felt that teaching ethics was unnecessary because meditation would automatically lead to good behavior. The actions of Rajneesh and his disciples proves that theory to be completely false. Rajneesh taught that you should do as you please because life is both a dream and a joke. This attitude led to the classically fascist belief that one can become so high and mighty that one is beyond the need for old fashioned values and ethical behavior. <<<

B-friend | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 07:14

Well Revealing

Hello B-friend,
You have accurately revealed the real face of Osho for the knowledge of others and let the readers themselves discriminate between his mischievous acts and actual truth.

Thank you for helping the truth.

NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 17:16
Gilana's picture

This is as much as I

This is as much as I know:

"Can anyone explain why Osho let his secretary perpetrate the largest biological terror attack in the U.S, up to that time, so his followers could take control of a county?"

Answer: He was disabled at the time. It is my understanding that the pain he was in did not allow him to adminster the organization and that he gave up those duites to his trusted secretary, Sheela, and tried to gain his strength back.

"If we was God sharing his God power, couldn't they have come up with something more sane?"

Answer: Who said he was God sharing God's power? Look through his writings. If you can find a quote saying that, please quote it for me. Thanks.

"Can anyone one explain his drug use and addiction?"

Answer: His drug use was to conteract pain. I don't see evidence that he was addicted. I'm sure you see implications in the statements you quote, but as a paralegal I am suspicious of unverified opinions. You can find just as many other people to say the opposite. Was there a doctor who verified that he was an addict?

You may not know this, but Osho is the one who called the police to come and investigate. You implicate him as the master mind, but don't you think if there was any evidence of that he would have been convicted? I see no evidence that the police or legal system wanted to let him go; they would have hung him for it if they could have.

And it is interesting that Sheela tried to poison Osho's personal doctor. His doctor would be the only one to really know what was happening in Osho's physical health. Easy to assert whatever you want when that one is gone.

Sometimes people who are given power become fanatics. Proportedly, Sheela was fed up with the blockades the county of presented (which were unprecedented and innumerable), the resistance of the neighboring communities and decided to avenge her Master.

If your son goes nuts and commits crimes with your money while you are too sick to supervise him, what should happen to you?

To address the articles you quote, first of all I find the "reporting" might be a little slanted:

massive outbreak
Rajneesh's cult
Rajneesh blamed
Authorities failed to pin

It is suspected to be the first case of large-scale biological terrorism in the United States. [I "suspect" that the author of his articles is not so good at at finding facts.]

during his time as a cult leader in America,
taking hold of the minds

poison victims, including women and small children (only small children?)

You forgot this quote:

"Rajneesh lifted thousands of seekers to higher levels of consciousness, and he detailed Eastern religions and ancient meditation techniques with luminous clarity."

So, bashing the dead, the famous, and the vulnerable is so satisfying. Makes you look like you are standing above them, and they have risen so high, but you are higher.

As far as God's will in the matter, even with Sheela's evil act of poisoning, you will notice that nobody died. Out of over 700 people harmed, nobody died as a result.

Osho was 58 when he died, as the article says, not so long after his imprisonment. If you look at pictures of him, he aged dramatically from the time he began to speak until the time he died -- he looked more like an 80 year old man. Sometimes sick 80 year old men can't control their bladders as well as they should. When true souls take on the guru function, they age very quickly under the weight of the task and the energetic demands.

Again I end with: stop judging other people.

It does you harm and it keeps you stuck and unmoving in muck, in disgrace. Take the gold others unselfishly offer you and be grateful, joyous, celebrating God and existence...that such grace has come to you. Stop trying to raise yourself by stepping on other's heads and learn to lighten your own load to rise.

Gilana | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 17:36
B-friend's picture


>>>So, bashing the dead, the famous, and the vulnerable is so satisfying. Makes you look like you are standing above them, and they have risen so high, but you are higher.<<<

Thank you for trying to make me aware of this.


>>>Again I end with: stop judging other people.

It does you harm and it keeps you stuck and unmoving in muck, in disgrace. Take the gold others unselfishly offer you and be grateful, joyous, celebrating God and existence...that such grace has come to you. Stop trying to raise yourself by stepping on other's heads and learn to lighten your own load to rise.<<<

I have no muck to be stuck in because I have admitted when I was brainwashed by lesser than Osho and even greater teachers and paradigms than Osho. Very humbling..almost as humbling as being reprimanded by you. De-brainwashing is a most devastating task, but is very possible and takes some time. Maybe for some it is simple, for some it may take years, and some lifetimes. If you ever had your heart broken by love, multiply that a 100 times and imagine what it takes to overcome being broken by a guru. You may think I judge Osho, but his services are quite useful in the scheme of things. Breaking a human psyche is fertile ground for real change to occur..Provided one doesn't succumb to suicide as is the case for many individuals who fall prey to such teachers.

Thanks for your concerns. I apologize for offending you and that which you hold sacred. This is what makes me the fool.

B-friend | Mon, 02/08/2010 - 23:27
Gilana's picture

"No Fool, You"

Sorry about the humbling...sounds like you've had your share and I'm still coming to mine! My loving and beloved Guru is no slouch at the de-brainwashing thing and is sharpening his tools grinning at me. As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that he's already operated when I wasn't looking.

Speaking of suicide, my beloved Guru's advice is: A firm decision must be made that suicide will no longer be an option under any circumstances and for any reason--even the worst pain imaginable. this decision must reach to your very core, all the way deep down--so that the whole question of suicide is completely and truly off the table; so that suicide is not being held onto as an option even way deep down. the decision against all possible suicide must reach all the way down into the unconscious mind.

one who is always and forever joyous cannot entertain the possibility of suicide, not even for a second. joy is the most potent antidote to suicidal feelings. joy eradicates all yearning for self-destruction, and all sense of burden in life. a life lived joyfully doesn't feel burdensome. joy makes you buoyant and lifts you toward the heavens. joy makes pain and sorrow and tragedy bearable.

Make joy the context for everything else, so that when you are depressed or sad or frightened, the sadness or the fear are occurring within the larger context of uncomplicated joy. existence itself is an expression of joy; it is said that 'god is love,' but those who know god directly, know that god is joy."

Gilana | Tue, 02/09/2010 - 03:03
manisu's picture

Sahaja Yoga's Mataji was a Rajneesh Follower during 1970's

Sahaja Yoga's Mataji had been to meditation camps with Rajneesh (Osho). I have seen the original video.

May be Shri Mataji also got some ideas from Rajneesh (Osho) during her years with him during early 1970's.

However, nobody is going to make a claim out of this. If she was ever got helped by Osho, good for her.

Elightened being like Osho are rare and unique phenomenon. No comparisons can be made.

manisu | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 14:29
manisu's picture

Agreements and disagreements are INSIDE Mind. Osho is OUTSIDE!

It is simple like the subject line says

manisu | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 14:42
georgecash007's picture

"Osho's Point of View"

Hi All,

I read about all the comments on OSHO (Bhagwan rajneesh) and did some web research to know more about him.
Osho Rajneesh's lover (maa anand sheela) reveals his secrets

and also read

as per me he is not God. I have never heard Such sayings for God before.

If he is a Guru then I would pray.."God please protect this world".."this may be end of the world"

georgecash007 | Fri, 04/26/2013 - 02:06
leo's picture

You should read more because

You should read more because Sheela was not his lover, she was the manager of his foundation and at some point stole the money and ran away. Then to defend herself and divert the discourse, she went public with such accusations.

Anyway, he did have the cars, and no one ever claimed he is God. Osho is a gifted teacher, an enlightened person no doubt and as such an excellent resource for us to enable us to progress spiritually, that's it. All the talk about people who are God has no value and as a matter of fact is funny.

leo | Fri, 04/26/2013 - 10:19
Gilana's picture


Sheela was not Osho's lover. Sheela was his administrator.

He did have a companion, but she was a different person.

Thank goodness you have no basis to judge who is God and who isn't. Don't believe everything you read - listen to the man and let your heart tell you what is true. Gossip is generally unreliable and a waste of your talents and intelligence.

Gilana | Fri, 04/26/2013 - 10:25
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I know bhagwan means "God". If you like to research, you might want to research why he started using that name. And that he gave it up as easily as one changes his shirt.

Secondly, Yes, he was and is a guru (and a very productive one at that!) and you can rest easy because the world hasn't ended, nor does it look like it is going to soon, no matter what anybody says. It may be the end of humanity, but that is a different thing.

Third, yes he is god, just like everything is god. An aspect of god. So he was entitled to the name, just as you are.

Gilana | Fri, 04/26/2013 - 19:21
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Hi all I am back

Many thanks for your Suggestions and providing knowledge about OSHO. Hope my web research or wiki or Maa Anand Sheels book “Don’t kill him” may be wrong and what you gays saying is the only truth. I may require reading more about OSHO however I still don’t believe that he was a GOD.
What I believe is God lies in freedom and God has given me my own freedom to find…. But it seems that you gays are hypnotizes rather then being educated on spirituality.

georgecash007 | Mon, 05/20/2013 - 23:15
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hypnotized to what? by whom?

hypnotized to what? by whom? Are those who are being educated on spirituality cannot be hypnotized?

PS. No one claims Osho was God more than anyone else is God, he was certainly a genius, he was probably enlightened (otherwise, I guess, enlightenment should be redefined), he delivered a great spiritual and awakening contribution to so many people but this does not make him God, if you mean the absolute by the word "God".

happy together | Tue, 05/21/2013 - 23:24
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Quite right

Quite right. We are the least educated people about spirituality that ever were. You should certainly do your own research to find out where Osho was wrong. He actually wrote a book called freedom. That might be a good place to start.

Gilana | Mon, 05/20/2013 - 23:21