Yogi Ashwini explains all

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Yogi Ashwini , the guiding light of www.dhyanfoundation.com is a Guru , who is Para-Brahma, in my opinion. Just by his presence , doubts , questions evaporate. The new book he has brought out SANATANKRIY 51 MIRACLES AND A HAUNTING is so engaging, that i read it non-stop. the incidents of HAUNTING , leave you peeping over your own shoulder to see if 'you are being watched'.Great Guru , great book.

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YOGI ASHWINI JI,the guiding

YOGI ASHWINI JI,the guiding light of Dhyan foundation,illuminate who cumes near,HIM.HE is the only practitioner in this modern times who has one to one with HIS,shishyas.HE follows the concept of GURU -SHISHYA PARAMPARA.HE follows the ancient values & principles,made by our RISHIS.The foremost among them was that a GURU would not accept any thing from the student till the shiksha was at the end.Today its very common that so called GURU`s or practitioner are charging a fee for a cource,this make sprituality a business.GURU is a channel through which the devine flows.

pooja bharija | Thu, 03/18/2010 - 09:54