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Yogi Ashwini is in the human body, that makes him accessible to us all. the language He speaks is english, hindi and punjabi, again very easy for us to understand. His full dimension is the whole creation, as a result he can answer any querry about any thing . He is a SATGURU, and shows by experince the true path for the seeker. Each and every practisioer of the SANATANKRIYA have a unique communication with him. As He has formulated this Kriya , it is appropriate to get answers from him. We know SK works, but if any seeker feels he is not getting the required results, Yogiji answers individual queries , keeping the individual in mind. His ansers are unique to each person.

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** Sanatan Kriya is for everybody
Based on the ancient texts, it has been suitably adapted by Yogi Ashwini to meet the needs and time constraints of modern people.
* It is free, simple and involves no complicated twists and turns of the body.
* It can be practiced by everyone--without barriers of age, gender and faith.
* It is a precise science that deals with energy, its manifestation and movement in the human physical and energy body.
**The Benefits of Sanatan Kriya
* Sanatan Kriya brings its practitioners into a state of balance and therefore keeps the mind and body in robust health. Youth, glow, beauty and health are small change for those practicing the Kriya
* It is great for those seeking answers to profound questions about the purpose of life
* It gives you access to the subtler dimensions of human existence
* Lower breath and heart rate
* Positive thinking
* De-stressing
* Mental peace and focus
* Emotional de-congestion
* Stillness of mind and body
* Generosity, friendliness, loving, caring and sharing
* Increase in problem solving capacity
* Increase in physical and mental capacity
* Cheerfulness
* Alertness

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