Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru Saranam

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I went 2 KL for holiday wif my hubby in Apr 2011. As i was shoppin an indian lady noticed my RPT batch i was wearin & came 4ward 2 talk 2 me. I realis tat she 2 was a RPT seedar & haf taken de mega meditation. She had an awesome anubavam 2 share wif me.She lives in JB wif her fly as she is workin in Spore. Her hubby sends her 2 JB customs daily and fetches her bk home. However 1 day, she had 2 return home on a 1/2 day as she was havin fever. She came 2 City Sq, she hailed 4 a cab. Resting on de window panel, she realised tat der was a heavy jam after de glass temple route. She continued 2 rest. Suddenly 4 indian men opened de cab door & pulled her out of de cab. The cab driver shouted but could do nothin. She was panic stricken 2 even shout and scream. Der was a van waitin at de left shoulder of the lane. De 4 men pushed her in2 de back of de van & 2 her shock der were 4 other men inside. The driver of de van took a slip road turn and all of de men were poking fun at her for not making any noise. All the while her mind and heart was throbbing wit nothing but YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU SARANAM.. Soon they pulled their van over at a place where it looked like an abandoned car wash shed. Dey push her of de van and pull her 2 de abandoned hut. still chanting Guru namam, she remain quiet.1 of dem grab her handbag & ransack 4 cash and her fon.De rest were lookin at de only jewelery tat she was wearing, her thali chain. She said brothers i understand tat u haf brought me here cos of de cash & valuables tat i haf wit me.Tis Thali is a gift frm my guruji.i value it higher than my life.Tis provoked e guys. She threw de Thali chain 2wards their direction.De man threw de thali bk 2 her & all of dem run out of de hut within secs & gone in their van.She pick her tings & came out de hut cryin. Wat she recall aft she threw de thali chain at de man was tat all start shoutin Pambu Pambu & threw her chain bk & fled 4 their live. Guruvai Nambinor kaividapadar.

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believe on Dato Sri Guruji, You can be saved anywhere, anytime.

Hi Dear Raji,
This is one of miracle tragedy that make us(RPT Disciples)alert with Dato Sri guruji True Power.There are thousands and thousands miracles happened to RPT Disciples with or without their realization.

Anyhow i really appreciate the women who get in to this situation because i even though she was in terrible, almost in panic situation, her mind N Soul still believe on Guruji, also guru thirunamam. That why she save, unless she life will be ruin as her fate.


Parvathy Maniam

parvathy | Fri, 11/25/2011 - 00:43