Wondrous Joy

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Just reading his book, "Autobiography of a Yogi" brings joy.
So much of what's in it is outlandish and fantastic, but somehow you utterly believe it. A great, great figure.

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Re: Wondrous Joy

Hi Leelo11,
Yogaananda is a greatest Master. Not only his book brings joy, but he is real inspiration to the people, who are in yogic- path. His teachings, which comes in 185 lessons covers vast subjects, from science, metaphysics,psychology. To know all about yoga ,YOGANANDA'S teachings are best in the world.

Since, religion, yoga and spirituality are different subjects, but unfortunately everything is mixed, and it becomes difficult to bifurcate, spirituality from religion and yoga. Thus it is necessary to know the guru's from their respective field.

For yogic practitioners Yoganand's teachings of Kriya-yoga is the best in the world.
With respect and regards

santthosh kumaar | Mon, 07/28/2008 - 16:21