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I have the following comments:

1. How can people comment or slander this swami WITHOUT EVER HAVING MET HIM?

2. How can you then ASSIGN MOTIVES to this swami who you do not even know? Many times an action may seem wrong from the outside, but you do not know the motives or thinking behind the action.

3. Anyone can say anything slanderous and one-sided on the internet without truth or accountability. This is a personal matter within the Sethi family and has nothing to do with this swami. If shantiness wants to comment, why does he not first openly list his name and contact information as Rahul courageously did to identify himself? Until he or others who write negative posts do this, I don’t think that we can take any of their comments seriously.

4. This swami is no longer actively teaching in the community. What is the point of slandering him unnecessarily? There have been plenty of comments from real members of his former group who state that his teachings were authentic and full of love and that his presence helped with meditation. I myself felt a deepening of my meditations in his presence. I feel that if people were able to sit with an open mind in his presence, there would not be any question that he is a true spiritual Master. I have not since or think that I ever will find a Guru as sincere, loving and devoted to his spiritual work as Swami Sai Premananda. If he now wants to be in silence, let him be in silence.

This topic has been discussed too much and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL SPIRITUALITY. We should all move on and stop personal attacks on gurus who we have never met or through whom we have personal family issues to resolve. Isn’t this the real meaning of of spirituality and of being a spiritual person? Isn’t this supposed to be a positive and uplifting site? It is time that we stop all this negativity and move back to our real goal and the goal of this site: the seeking of truth, peace and happiness.

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Thank you

Jay, thank you for a meaningful and thoughtful article.

Devka | Mon, 03/07/2011 - 02:55