We need to Judge by the ACTIONS not Actings!!!

nagarjuna's picture

Actor and Disgrace for the Spiritual Society, However such people are required for the GOOD/ TRUTH / DHARMA to be recognized and Valued.

Thankful and Sorry for his Robotic Followers.

mbnarayana's picture

Dear brothers! Much

Dear brothers! Much filth has already been thrown on sri sathya saibaba.There was no service organization by his name till recently in his birth place ie.,puttaparthy.Local people started treating him god once their buiness grew and their land value became high.But baba gave drinking water to so many villages in andhrapradesh.The villagers who drink water supplied by satyasai seva trust adore him as living god
Like wise this swamiji might have been misunderstood by many.
Ravana glorified rama.Likewise vice glorifies virtue.Time the subtle thief will decide who is fake and who is genuine

mbnarayana | Sat, 07/25/2009 - 06:34
kamala's picture

Never Compare

Comparision is done to Prove Something. One tries to prove Only if he / she feels insecured or hurt.

kamala | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 17:25
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The "how" is more indicative than the "what"

Not actions and not acting and not words and not saying. All these can be easily imitated by anyone. A mediocere actor, one who is in the spiritual scene enough time can masquerade as a true guru according to these parameters.

The only aspect that can tell something about someone is his conduct. The "how", not the "what". Observe how he is delivering the actions, not what are the actions. Observe how still he is in saying the things, not what he says.

lalo | Sat, 07/25/2009 - 09:32
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How can you label a guru

How can you label a guru fraud until and unless you experience his presence?.What purpose does the guru has behind masquerading?What are the parameters for good conduct of guru ? Some gurus may have a past life before entering into spirituality.Let us think about the present guru.
According to Ramayana,every human being is efficient(ayogyo purusho nasthi).If we are really in spiritual path,we concentrate on our guru and our practice.nothing else.Practise and practise until we achieve our goal.

mbnarayana | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 04:15
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Fools Run.......... the Wise Chase

Talking is Easier ..... Delivering the Actions by Creating Illness towards PARENTS..is it what you Honor..... Its a Disgrace to honor n Respect the Unruly faiths who forget the First Prayers - Matru Devo Bava, Pitru Deva Bava, then only comes Aacharya Devo Bava...........Athithi Devo Bava..........

Scoundrels are always AFRAID to face the WORLD Boldly.... If you feel you are following a Guru- Ask HIM to face the Society BOLDY and PUBLICLY... not hiding at Sisters Place, Hotels and Running away changing places... Fools Run, Wise Chase.....

Hari Hara | Sat, 10/24/2009 - 16:22