Gautama Buddha discovered the best technique of meditation which leads to salvation successfully.2600 years ago there was not this method available to people but 2500 years Gautama Buddha discovered it and got salvation and also taught this unique method of Vipassna to the masses. this method remains in existence for 200-300years approximately and after it this diasappeared bacause of mixing of something to it.this method is based on purity when something is added to it then this method becomes powerless on accont of which then new sect developed.this method is above of all sects and it is purely natural technique harmonized with nature. in vpassna the principles of nature are called DHAMMA (DHARMA). Thousands and thousands years ago, prior to birth of Buddha, this method of vipassna was known to Indians.vipassna contains as for practice sheel, samaadhi and pragyaa WHICH LEADS TO SALVATION.