Unpretentious, outgoing and a ray of grace to anyone who meets him

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Been to a satsang of this chamo a few days ago in Tiru and since then attended his satsangs for 2 weeks.

I read and been to satsangs of many teachers in the past. This one is exceptional.

Only now I fully understand what an enlightened one is. No trace of doubt. If he were not enlightened than enlightenment should have been re-defined! :-)

To rephrase it: Thanks to him, I have realized the content of the book "I Am That" of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

I feel so lucky to atten his satsangs. It is the most remarkable thing ever in my spiritual journey. I sware!

Apart of that, he is cute, easy-going, does not try to put on all the costumes of a teacher (like for example Mooji does) and this gave him a lot of credit and reliability in my view before I got to know him along the satsangs.

You can see him on the bike in Ramananagar, regular cloths, eating Paranthas at the dirty corner, kidding with people. Beautiful!