Truth matters

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Despite the controversy, the truth that he offered to the world remains great. The very fact that he was associated with such enlightened people as Annamalaiswamy makes him a gifted individual if not more. There may be a reason for the trouble that he got himself into. It may be a lesson he needed in the path.

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To be Whole is Holy

In the world there could be a good scientist and inwardly in conflict or disorder but such dichotomy is not possible in spirituality.

To be WHOLE and CHILDLIKE is to be Spiritual. It cannot be measured by knowledge.

joejo | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 13:05
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What trouble he got himself into???

What trouble he got himself into???

atlantis | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 15:05
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He was videotaped in bed with a famous Tamil actress

He was videotaped in bed with a famous Tamil actress.

You can see it in

happy | Sun, 03/14/2010 - 21:54
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I haven't heard about any controversy regarding Nithyananda. Don't you mix between him and someone else?

solo | Sun, 03/07/2010 - 15:53
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see my comment above, this

see my comment above, this is the guru who was caught with pants down or more precisely dhoti down.

happy | Sun, 03/14/2010 - 21:56
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Despite the controversy?

Despite the controversy? Don't you understand that this controversy is everything. Words and teachings can be memorized and recited by almost any mediocre actor, not deeds, they say all and it is hard to fake them for long.

"There may be a reason for the trouble that he got himself into. It may be a lesson he needed in the path."

What else do you need in order to break the seal of denial? Use your senses despite the great dissapointment.

happy | Sun, 03/14/2010 - 22:01
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Tantra not a spiritual practice?

Don't know much about tantra, but I thought it had something to do with sex as a spiritual practice. So, sex can be a spiritual path too, or something like that.

But then again, I wouldn't really know. I'm still trying to figure out if its actually possible to have no thoughts for more than a brief moment.


Quantum's Ego.

Quantum | Fri, 03/19/2010 - 05:15
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Tainted Milk

Srimad Bhagavatam, the last of Srila Veda Vyasa's works, says that Truths are like a pot of milk but when that milk is tainted by the forked tongue of a poisonous snake, the milk is rendered impure.

The bible says Devil can cite the scriptures. In this information age, where information about virtually anything can be obtained from anywhere, and everyone has access to anything and everything, it comes as no surprise that Nityananda could speak talk so much about the scriptures and about so many esoteric matters.

It does not require much intelligence to regurgitate and plagiarise anything, which is what that cove has done.

Hence, cast your glance way beyond this bloke's seeming words of wisdom. Do not succumb to spiritual myopia.

Brahman | Thu, 06/03/2010 - 00:54
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Intelectual vs. experiential truth

I read your comment above with many nice words - but it is just shallow intelectual truth. What is your experiential truth? Before throwing turds at a master, at least experience his presence. If you have sufficient spiritual strength you will never be mesmerized. But you can immediately and intuitively sense the truth. I have met many masters, including Nithyananda, and can ensure you they will just connect with you at your level. If you are looking for a sugar daddy, someone that will spoon feed you, that is what you get. Then we suffer as we are not mature enough to realize we need to be spiritually mature ! Usually the master then cuts the cord at some point...

Just so you know, many great masters have been jailed, accused of sexual abuse, homosexuality, etc, including Ramakrishna, Sivananda, Amma, etc. Some before the fame, many before the youtube era. It is part of it. Jesus was in jail too. The question is what are you seeking, where you are going.

freetruth | Sat, 10/10/2015 - 17:45