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Yog is nature, and nature is yog. If you go against nature, nature will go against you. You will not be in harmony with nature. For instance we are taught to breathe the wrong way. You must have seen how the newborn babies, when they breathe in, their stomach expands and when they breathe out, their stomach goes contracts. As we start growing up, we’re taught to have out chest out and stomach in (when we breathe in, our stomach contracts and when we breathe out, it expands). The result, we breathe in the opposite manner which is against nature. Our body is controlled by the five senses, which control the related organs. When we sit for Dhyan, we’re calming the five senses. You still the senses, to be able to reach a higher sense. The other senses only work once the body has been stilled. After the basic five senses have been stilled, higher senses open up. When higher senses open up, you still them as well. It is an onward going process. It is the journey of the spirit. There are a total of 16 senses. While sitting for dhyan, if we move, we have activated the sense of touch. The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, awakens and the brain once again becomes active at that 7-8% with the higher senses shutting off. As per Yog the body has to undergo Tap (heat), it has to be given pain and the five senses have to be stilled/ mastered for any kind of purification or evolution to take place. In Ayurveda, they say that only one sense works at a time (For e.g. when you smell, only your sense of smell is working and not any other) but they interchange very fast. They are conjoined with one another. The sixth sense only awakens once the other five senses have been stilled. It will not awaken until they are stilled and the experience shall only happen then. You can never learn Yog with your brain. Only your Guru can make you experience it. We waste our lifetime running behind the pleasures of our five senses. If you want to evolve in Yog, you have to stop your se