Tony Samara, my guide

Wahido Theriaca's picture

“I met Tony in 2001 just when my spiritual awakening started happening. That was when I asked him to start to work with me. It was one of the most important things that happened in my life, if not the most significant.

“But at that time nothing could foretell the great, enthusiastic, and perfect, wonderful path, full of light, towards the discovery of the inner self, step by step into the moment. A voyage into myself started and still goes on, through ups and downs, through dreams that came true and others that were dropped, meeting all sorts of people, simply having the deepest experience of my life. My inner wisdom tells me now that this is possible when the true trust in one's heart to the work of the Master exists. The Master, the Friend, the Love Affair that every day and every moment unveils the true work that lies behind the mundane, the material, the mind and the body.

“My experience is unique to myself and each one has a different one. But when Love be-comes the centre of the path we all share the wisdom of Tony's teachings, the Path of Love. My invitation and dream is that you also have the freedom to jump as high as you can into Tony's work, thus into your deepest self. In my opinion this is not an easy path nor does it make you always happy and fulfilled and glowing with light; instead it enables us to drop the masks and layers upon layers that hide the Truth of our hearts. I'm sure that Tony's teachings will be experienced by every-one that truly seeks that something that cannot be told by words or concepts. I believe that in silence and stillness every door of our true nature opens to our experience of the moment, to the unity and oneness where we all came from. I trust that in that moment real freedom becomes the experience of selfless and effortless work, joy and happiness. This and more were the things that I learned from being with Tony Samara. Thank you Tony for being.