Is Tolle a multi billionaire yet

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From his huge booksales huge prices for lectures retreats etc he must be. How much money will be enough for him to get peace of mind ?Should he admit his ideas were copies from unfamiliar books. ? I read nothing in his books I had not read before. Power of Now for example was so old and never his idea. New Earth shows his beginning to recognise his need for new ideas as his old books no longer hold the younger people who see the weakness in his ideas quickly.

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So petty

Who cares if he makes money or not? If you were reading the articles about him you would have known that he lives in a very modest apartment in Canada.

Regarding your desire for "new" ideas - Of course, there are no new ideas in his or in any other teachings. What new ideas are you expecting? what? is it a new type of reality show? a new edition of worldwide news? a new piece of art? Why there is a need for new tricks? Aren't there enough already? You are already bored with the existing?

To make it clear: I'm not a follower of him nor an admirer. Just a honest bystander.

atlantis | Wed, 06/24/2009 - 06:59
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you r stupidly funny

hahahahahaha..................I think u r so much stuck to the idea of money n power that u fail to see anything beyond that...........I feel sad for soul like urs..........Truth is one.........It does not matter who says it but it would be the same thing.........If lord Krishna comes today he would say the same thing that EkchartTOlle said.....For that matter even buddha would say so..........

joshoda | Mon, 07/13/2009 - 05:51