They Are The Great

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1. I have come to know about Mahavatar Babaji when I read the book 'Autobiography Of A Yogi' during my search for truth. He aroused curiosity in me who was novice to spirituality.
2. Even some believers projected Mahavatar Babaji as Guru Gorakhnath. This happened after meeting my Guru. I had serious discussions with them also and I don't agree with them.
3. They claim that Mahavatar Babaji is alive and helping people in their spiritual pursuits. One thing he helped is he aroused curiosity among people.
4. Mahavatar Babaji has nothing to do with the blind beliefs and superstitions of his believers and followers.
5. Their arguments and discussions do not hold any water for Babaji does not appear to end all speculations and doubts.
6. He is also not helpful for a sincere seeker who cannot become his disciple by serving him for he does not appear for our service.
7. These stories told by his believers can only cause curiosity in those who are new to spiritual field.
8. Mahavatar Babaji or any other great spiritual personality of his or more calibre has no answer to this (for my Guru ended all my doubts with this):

They are the great; truly they are the great;
On His lotus feet, who concentrate;
They are the great; only they are the great.
Though they are illiterate
Them I cannot rate
‘Cause they are always great.
So at their lotus feet, I myself prostrate.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***

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You are so full of negativity

You are going one guru profile after another and only posting negative opinions. Moreover, your opinion posts are childish and confused, based on nothing except of your delusions. No wonder you were banned from so many other sites.

I saw your responses to same comments others gave you here and in other places, please do not bother, your incoherent comments are impossible to comprehend.

kaput | Tue, 09/02/2014 - 11:50
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Re: You are so full of negativity

Thanks for your understanding.
You are right the wise are childish.
Yes, common people are confused and deluded to understand higher truths. Truth cannot be understood unless one practices it in thought, word and deed.
It is better if you post your comments against my opinions to prove your positivity. Let it be understood that truth is beyond all dualities.
Let I be banned form Guru'sFeet also. I will be glad if you recommend them.
I was banned by only one forum (joined because of an invitation from a member of this site) where I posted only a poem (not an opinion on any Guru) and they don't have enough courage to give the reason of banning. They only banned truth not me.
Thanks for reading my comments and responses here and at other places and noting that truth is incomprehensible.
From this, whose comments are incoherent is quite clear.

Nathyogi | Tue, 09/02/2014 - 12:32