Shri Ramakrishna was the spirituality reincarnated on this earth for the setting of practical harmony of all religions of the world. The result of his performed austerities, penances, worships was the manifestation of his inner circle comprising of 16 apostles. Shri Ramakrishna has 2 circles of his disciples ----- one is of monastic disciples another, of lay disciples.there was a special circle of his 16 disciples which was called inner circle, who all were self-realized souls.AMONG THESE SIXTEEN 6 were liberated souls(who had already got moksha,salvation).Swami Vivekananda, Brahmananda, Premananda etc.were among the six who were already liberated.spiritual ministration was started and the most pious vibrations,waves,bliss were set in motion on this globe in order to liberate other souls on this globe.
In Tretaa yuga who was reincarnated as Rama;the same He was reincarnated as Krishna in Dwaapar yuga and in kaliyuga He again reincarnated as Ramakrishna.