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It is irrelevant to know what swami does in private. It pains a lot to see that he should be given this shabby treatment.
There is a small story I remember from Sri Ramakrishna's fables. A sanyasi who was meditating in front of a prostitute's house, lost his purpose and started to count on the number of persons visiting her house and kept an account on her sins. One day he called her and admonished her on her sins. She felt very sad. She prayed to God to forgive her. On the same night, both of them died. While her soul went to heaven, his soul went to hell. When he inquired, he was informed that it was not his duty to assess the sins of others.
By disgracing swami, we have only disgraced ourselves.


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It is not irrelevant at all.

It is not irrelevant at all. It is the only thing that matters. Words can be memorized by anyone with basic acting skills, deeds cannot for long. These things are the only signs that truly say who is it behind the masks. Sorry.

happy | Sun, 03/14/2010 - 22:20
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Words or experience?

Words yes, but experiences no. Experience things in life, rather than just plain frozen thinking. Every master and every great PhD advisor says this... The bigger question is: why was Nithyananda Paramhamsa framed as a "traditional" master. That might be the reason for the fall. He is indeed a sanyas, and many paramhamsas have even married. Just look up in wikipedia. Sanyas means no entanglements in the material world. There is a big difference between sex, a framed video, etc... By the way, Buda says that even a fake master can lead you to enlightenment if you are fully absorbed in the practice.

freetruth | Sat, 10/10/2015 - 17:50
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Mask, Blind leading the Blind

It definitely matters. A Sanyasi (Swami) is supposed to be celibate. Though it is not incumbent if one is a householder. To dupe people by such deeds is deplorable. For people who choose to come in public life the responsibility is that much more.

He has violated the code for Swami of his tradition and should surrender his monastic status and if he is sincerely interested in Spiritual life must take a fresh start.

joejo | Mon, 03/15/2010 - 06:16
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Didn't know that

I didn't know a swami was a sanyasi, and I guess I vaguely remember that sanyasis gave up much.

So, is everyone saying that he is a total fake?

Personally, I've always like him. Talks a lot, and but I got a lot out of his vids, some I still live by, such as "Thoughts block the flow of cosmic energy" which I translate to mean the same thing as "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will be added." After I heared Swami Gi's statement about thoughts, Jesus's statement made more sence, and actually became practical for me. I measure my success each day by noting how many coincidences keep happening when I'm "without thought"...I mean, "Present."

I still like the guy.

Quantum | Fri, 03/19/2010 - 05:22