A sweet and intensive teacher

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Premananda has a good heart, and a lot is happening in his community.
It is quite a crazy place, where besides focusing on awakening (and working), people are given an opportunity to flourish in their creativity.
I had a very nice opening with a single session with him. I went to many retreats. The Summer Retreat and especially the Arunachala Retreat in January in India were for me very beautiful experiences.
The community around him could be compared to a pressure cooker where Premananda confronts you with your "stuff", all your ideas about yourself, your judgments, projections...
you work there a lot, and celebrate life a lot as well.
This is definitely an intensive place. I've been living there 3.5 years and I learnt a lot.
I would say it is worth visiting their place near Cologne in Germany. Volunteers are always welcome or you can go for a satsang weekend.
They also transfer satsangs and concerts live online on the internet. Here is the link: