Swami Sai Premananda vs Shoka Asahara

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Tokio, 20 March 1995... a group of devotees of Shoka Asahara fill the Tokio subway with sarin gas killing and hurting people. How did it come so far?
Shoka was a blind, mis-understoud man, that used devotees to hurt others, and gain more money and power.
When Rahul Sethi turned his back on his family for a mission he called "love" I started to read everything about cults I could find and the similarities between Swami and Shoka are striking.

Like Shoka,Swami Sai Premananda is a fake, both man are people with low self esteem, they collect people, especially smart young individuals, lawyers, writers, teachers and they surround themselves with people that know they are fake. They start small,Shoka selling drinks and Swami having a meditation group, but at the end they created a group of people that gave up everything in order to please 'him'. The young individuals cut all relations with family, people gave their money and sometimes moved in a special complex were they had to meditate with the picture of Shoka... same with Swami Sai Premananda.
At the end, Shoka's and Swami's devotees threat family that wanted their love ones back, Shoka's devotees even killed...

Devotees of Swami are paying him, I know that for a fact, Swami is collection young people with skills because he has only one;lying. The inner circle of Swami know this, but because they are low lives too they feels safe with him. Like Shoka Swami said that he is close with a powerfull individual, in the Swami case it was with Sai Baba, in Shoka's case it was with the Dalai Lama. People outside the innercircle are loyal devotee's blinded by betrail, Swami is a school example for starting a cult, cutting people of from family to gain more influence and making them believe that they can not live without him.

The bad guys are not family or love ones, it is the fake that made you believe that family is your enemy, but the enemy is Swami.

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Hi Mariel, Nice try at

Hi Mariel,

Nice try at writing a blog all by yourself. Maybe Rohit can hold your hand next time because you have obviously gone off the deep end.

A reminder to you - Sunita Sethi is the one with the restraining order slapped on her by the Toronto Police.
(because she assaulted her own daughter-in-law). Not to mention her numerous other violations of the law which the police has a running report on. All various forms of harassment/trespassing against group members. The Toronto Police has said this woman is creating dissension among a spiritual group to get at her son. They see it all the time.

Doesn't seem like you're really working towards a peaceful resolution as your first post today claimed. Looks like false remorse is indeed what you displayed. You continue with this blame game against the swami bringing him into your family drama because you cannot take ownership of what you have done to your life and son.

By the way, Rahul Sethi has said he left sai premananda's group a long time ago. So what is your issue now? Your continuous blogging against sai premananda is proof of your mental instability.

antonio.vincent | Mon, 02/14/2011 - 22:42
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Only time will tell who needs help and who does not.

Here is a question; antonio.vincent, if Rahul left this group a long time ago, why then does he re-appear all of a sudden for the specific purpose of defending Swami Sai Premananda a.k.a Vinod Seeparsad on this website? Why is he posting a story that has nothing to do with the issues at play? One of which are, what kind of swami takes money from people to buy himself a brand new condo in downtown Mississauga?

Another issue is why Sarika on this website states that swami sai premananda takes no money for his services, but Krisna blatantly states that he does… What is the truth? What is the reason for the smoke and mirrors?

Why are the members of this group so determined to insult everyone questioning this Swami?

Shantiness | Tue, 02/15/2011 - 18:40
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This is too much

Up to now, I was reading the two sides and absolutely favoring your version but this post is of bad taste and underestimation of readers' intelligence. It seems that you have a vendetta against this swami that takes you out of objective critisim.

This does not mean that this swami is an inoscent saint. It is clear that he is involved in moral or at least ego misdoings that question his ability to be a guru or a spiritual authority, but your instrumental explotation of this platform for your personal war against him is too much.

For your own benefit, calm down, be present and aware. Don't react to violence with violence, this will only inflict on you more suffering, believe me.

solo | Tue, 02/15/2011 - 09:26
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Whats Going On!

Correct me if I'm wrong I thought this was a Spiritual web site, where we we all wanted to better ourselves with the help of other like minded people?
If i wanted to hear arguments and crap I'd be with politicians,if i wanted violence of word, thought or deed I'd be in a war somewhere. can you keep the person stuff where its personal between your family.
Thank you.


Shogon | Wed, 02/23/2011 - 05:50