Swami Paramhamsa

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I love reading Swami Vivekananda,I admire Shri Paramhamsa coz he was Swami Vivekananda's Guru and today I felt like gratifyin my support to the philosophies of Swami Vivekanada on his birthday,jan 12th

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Swami Ramkrishna Paramhamsa

He was and He is the mile stone for the modern Indian Spirituality.

madan_gautam | Fri, 01/30/2009 - 17:59

mile stone

He is complete spiritual path Himself for devotees. If someone desires to find out God or desires to know god or Self-Realization; certainly, He is the perfect path which may be unfolded after getting initiation from Belur Math.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 06/26/2011 - 10:23
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rama krishna paramahamsa - mile stone

He is our spiritual guru. What ever you said here everything is 100 % truth. Thanks for gave this knowledge.

radhika.lella | Mon, 09/19/2011 - 05:38