In this story people only lose

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Mother love and the right to make your own decisions.... It is something that should work together. And since I know and knew both parties in the fight over who is to blame I can say that at the end everybody is losing. Rahul's mom is losing her son, Rahul and Neena are not part of a great and loving family and an adult man that claims to be Swami Pai Permananda is in hiding. Nobody is winning anything, people are hurting every day and instead of gaining spiritual enlightment hearts are filled with pain, anger and blame. Why is it not possible to stop this?

Rahul is right when he claims that his parents want to have influence in his life, but I think every parent wants to have that with their children. They want to protect you against pain, faults, and are always afraid that you make the same mistakes like them.

Rahul's mom is my mom in a way, and his words hurt her and me. I love Rahul, this whole family loves him. Since his family is big and has lots of love to give I know for a fact that he is always welcome and Neena too.

We should all ask ourself a simple question everyday right before going to sleep; Did I hurt a soul today? If the answer is yes then fix it, before time is running out.
So for the Sethi family I would say, keep the door open for Rahul and Neena. To Rahul and Neena I want to say that people love and miss you and to Swami I want to say that if he has nothing to hide it is time to stop hiding, if accusations are false prove that you are a true Swami.

Rahul learned me that a Swami is an true and enlighted soul, that would not hurt a fly. That puts his luck, his feelings before everything else. Why then is he the source of so much pain?

It is time to stop the pain, and start to practice what you preach, from both sides. Meet each other half way, with honest and true intensions and with the interest of the other at heart, sometime nothing is to gain but is everything to loose..... stop losing!!

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Mariel, nice try but your

Mariel, nice try but your post is not genuine at all.

This is a classic case of false remorse being displayed by Sunita Sethi. Now that Rahul has revealed the truth about his mother Sunita and brother Rohit, the next attempt made by a mentally imbalanced person is to project their guilt on others and show a sense of false remorse.

Rahul's email and number are available on this site (and his family always had that contact information before anyway). Why write all this online when you can contact Rahul directly? Why put this comment in a "con" section when you are portraying yourself to be a neutral figure hoping for the resolution of both sides? The fact that you continue to take shots at sai premananda also displays your range of emotional turbulence (a characteristic of false remorse).

In all the negative posts on this site, what's with the constant questioning of "where is swami sai premananda? where is he hiding?" What's with this obsession about Sai Premananda? I mean this is just obsessive madness? Does everyone not see the obsessive behaviour of this woman and her son Rohit? J. Krishnamurti did not speak publicly for almost four years. Osho was in silence from 1981 to 1984. If a master is in silence, why do the dogs that are barking
assume this is some sort of confession of guilt? Right now, it’s apparent that the universe wants the dogs to bark and maliciously defame and take advantage of a swami in silence. The Sethis have been handing out their own dictums of right and wrong and ignorantly take another's silence to be a confession of some sort. What mentally deranged narcissists!

The whole community knows about Sunita, the police knows about Sunita and even the business people around her own store know about her madness the day the police came to warn her for trespassing. Rohit and Sunita continue to try and bring sai premananda into their family drama and bypass the fact that they hate Rahul's selection for a wife. Here's a fact (and you can read Rahul's blog for more - .... Sunita was attending sai premananda's festivals/satsangs for years. She had no issue with the swami or his teachings at all. However, one fine day when Rahul told his mom he wanted to marry Neena (a satsang member), then she turned nasty on Rahul and tried to change his mind. When she failed at that, she began to attack the swami, his group members, families and anyone and everyone who would listen to her barking. All just to get at her son Rahul and break-up his relation with Neena. Doesn't sound like a loving mother to me now does it? The brother Rohit meanwhile, watched the drama go on and on and not do anything about it - even for the sake of his own brother's happiness - he did nothing to keep the peace! He himself (being a lawyer nonetheless) has lied to the police, friends, family, the media, the community and to himself. He knows he is doing wrong things, but because he's a mamma's boy, he has no choice but to do what mommy says. Evolution will take a million years before that boy grows a pair.

Mariel if your family really is as loving as you claim they are, why do they not get Sunita and Rohit the mental help that they need? Do their harassments, bullying, police warnings/violations and Sunita's restraining order mean absolutely nothing to you? If it does not, then you've cemented yourself as a person with no bone of humanness in you. Again, sai premananda has nothing to do with your family problem or in its solution. The fact that you continue to take shots at him, and repeatedly drag his name into the picture, shows that you really are not the loving and forgiving person that you are trying to project online. You don't want to face the psychotic moral degeneracy you've developed and just continue to divert the heart of the matter and play the blame game.

Sunita hates Rahul's choice in a wife - she even gave her a concussion! There are millions of mother-in-laws who suck it up and accept their son's choice in marriage. Sunita is not one of them. Sorry, Mariel but Sunita does not have this motherly love that you are writing about. Its more of an obsessive lust to that tries to control her sons and their decisions in life. Her mental disposition doesn't allow her to see this but maybe her "oh so loving" family members should do something about it if they really care.

antonio.vincent | Mon, 02/14/2011 - 21:56