Spiritless spirituality

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When I look around at Buddhists I see two distinct types of following:

Spiritless philosophy - on the rational chase to peel everything right to the empty anatta, people lose their heart and unknowingly get entangled in the analytical mind.

Ritual religion - against what the Buddha said, there are the monks and Lamas who are busy with all kinds of rituals, forgetting the essence of the Buddha teachings.

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These are two excellent

These are two excellent points, however certainly the Buddha is not to blame for the misinterpretations of his followers! Let alone two millenia after his death... one could say the same about Jesus, yet both of these giants' purpose was to liberate us all.

Ramakrishna talks wisely of rituals, and how when you have achieved a certain spiritual understanding, they are no longer necessary. After you climb to the top, you no longer need the ladder. Might we pray that those aforementioned Buddhists advance along to realize the truth behind their omniscient guru. OM.

egosheriff | Wed, 01/18/2012 - 06:17