Shaktipat is Real!

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I had been looking for real Shaktipat for many years. I just stumbled upon Yogi Madan while researching it on the Internet, and when I wrote to him, he offered. It was that simple.

To say that it worked is an understatement! I am deeply grateful to Yogi Madan. (To read more about my experience, please see my testimony on Yogi Madan's webpage.)

Do give me the experiences that I've had, and am still having, with Kundalini, Yogi Madan must be a true Guru. Distance was no factor -- I live in the U.S.!

My deepest gratitude and blessings to Yogi Madan and the Siddha Yoga lineage!



what felt

What is your experience of shaktipat, how much time taken for it and what is its significance for changing and what are the changes? What is shaktipat in your view, please?

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 11/10/2009 - 03:40