Sex, money and power

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No doubt John David has a good grasp of non-dual teachings, and also some spiritual power. The community is a beautiful place with an amazing energy to it, and also (I think) beautiful people. There's definitely a lot of very attractive things about the community.

However, John David's obsession with power, money and sex is disturbing. It's as if he has become completely blindsided by his own ego, unable to see or admit anything wrong with anything he does, and topping it all off with a quite nasty personality. He demands full obedience and service from his students, as well as charging a lot of money for your stay - which includes a 9-10 hour workday 7 days a week for no pay (well, you pay for it, actually). On top of that he always seem to be after sex, and doesn't mind making women uncomfortable (that's how FREE he is!). Nevermind he's more than 70 years old, he can still make babies, and he does. He may explode in anger over trivialities. But that's ok - because what's wrong with anger? He is a master of subtle and not-so-subtle manipulation - but that's ok because he's an enlightened master and can do whatever he wishes. And enlightenment is hard work, so he's gotta push you and everything is for your own good.

If you want to spend your time and money being abused by a nasty teacher, then go to Open Sky. You will enjoy a healthy daily routine, nice people and a lot of birds. You will work your ass off, but it will never be enough. You will receive a warm welcome, and by utilizing cult-like manipulative devices John David will make sure you'll feel bad about leaving, and everything bad will be your fault because you're in the grasp of your ego. Enjoy your new rollercoaster life.